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Aka'ash saunters in with a few paltry items and picks up a short bow:

Drops off:
8 honey x 50 = 400
12 wheat x 30 = 360
2 spotted shrooms x 100 = 200
3 raspberries x 45 = 135
7 sage x 60 = 420
6 owl feathers x 15 = 90
3 walnuts x 60 = 180
1 hazelnut = 75
9 skeleton knuckles x 10 = 90
Total deposited = 1950

V.K.'s Short bow: lens 560 x .75 = 420
300 bronze tipped arrows = 300
Total purchased: 720
Paid 72 coins into the chest by the front door.

Previous Credit: 5604
+ 1950 = 7554
minus 720 purchases = New Credit of 6834
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//Riven pens a note to Jebediah//

Great to hear from you, friend!
As to the Bracers of Sigil, sure - they are yours!
However, if you find another then please place it in the Crafters Loaner Chest for credit, as they can be very useful for many!
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// and all in the vicinity see smoke and flames billowing from the Saddlebag Pawn Shop, as Thhakuk's Flaming Greatsword ignites the old wood! //

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Riven leaves a note for Belgar:
"Wellmet, Friend! The Axe is priced at 5,000. And yes, you've priced the cold resistant platemail correctly! Thanks for your business!"
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:07:30 am »
Aka'ashi purchases Belinar's Tower Shield: 75% of lens = 4674 True

Previous Credit (as of 4/6/2021) 2415
Pays for the shield with 50% credit: 2259
and 50% True: 2259

Credit left: 156
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: May 09, 2022, 03:37:14 pm »
Talien checks out the gear at Cailomels.

He drops off Boots of Striding +1 for credit; 50% of lens = 720
Drops off Delador's Rapier: immunity to poison: 50% of lens = 1020
Total credit + 1740

He picks up the Brawlers' belt: 75% of lens = 1317
Picks up Fire Rod 1; 2040
Total taken = 3357
minus credit of 1740
Total owed = 1617

Paid 1617 into chest
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Barley brings in some goods, and acquires glass ingots:

Drops off:
Isineith Feir's Armor (copper platemail, will +1) 30% of lens = 703
51 wheat x 30 = 1530
39 barley x 30 = 1170
7 corn x 30 = 210
2 garlic x 50 = 100
9 birch bark x 40 = 360
4 red herbs x 20 = 80
7 sage x 60 = 420
14 silk x 100 = 1400
2 ettercap silk glands = 100
star dust of kitharian = 150
Total Dropped Off: 6,223

Picks up:
46 ingots of glass x 97 = 4,462
Pays 446 True into the chest by the front door

Returned and picked up some furniture deeds:
marble fireplace furniture 20% of lens = 1760
carpet 9 deed 20% of lens = 60
cushion deed 20% of lens = 40
deed, chair decor; 20% of lens = 140
Total taken = 2000
left 200 True in chest

Previous Credit: 28,759
+6,223, -4462, -2000 = New Credit of 28,520
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I guess I was mistaken, there is a nameplate on it with Bron Skallagrimsson's name (only visable if other toons check, not Bron).
If this house ends up being Crimson Company for a long period of time then I'd like that nameplate changed to Crimson Company (if that's easy). But for now this is fine.
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Bron brings his oxe and loads up some furniture from the furniture bins at Saddlebag:

Bron purchases these furniture deeds:
3 pantries: 400 + 400 + 400
armoire deed: 240
bookshelf deed x2: 320 + 320
deed fireplace stone 3: 800
woodpile deed: 20
deed fresh water keg: 280
deed wall trophy boar x 2: 116 + 116
deed cot 48
bookshelf elaborate: 440
engraved stool 480
single bed fancy 480
room divider 2: 60
chest 160
spear rack deed 340
deed table, circular: 240
deed - chair 52
carpet 12: 60
carpet 6: 60
candle glowing x 3 = 20+20+20
Total Acquired: 5892
(pays 589 coin)

Bron deposits these items:
P.G.'s Greatsword (Adamantium) 6000
+3 Breastplate: 8500
Nick Card's heavy flail (copper, 1d6 flame) 30% of lens = 1184
Total deposited: 15,684

Previous Credit: 82,428
+ 15,684 = 98,112
- 5892 = 92,220

New Credit = 92,220
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// On the bulletin board in Saddlebag is a large parchment //

Hail Friends!

If you seek craftable resources or specific gear that are not currently in the shop then please post that here.

Posting here may inspire others to acquire these goods for you! Perhaps even with a message sent to you!

~Riven Ring-Cleaver

// As usual, all purchases should be posted in the SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES forum, not here. //
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Aye, Markyl would be a fine member of Crimson! With or without digging into pockets.
I don't think coin is the's where shall we land this company temporarily? I haven't found any houses for sale anywhere except Haven, Hlint, and Krandor (and one very expensive one in Vale). Haft Lake, I think, is out of the question, due to the neighbors!
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A little context:

My original intent was to create an environment to support dwarven RP:

A dwarven guild, with a feast hall for celebrations, a training hall for RP'ing training with younger adventurers, and a place where a bunch of dwarves could live. Somewhere centrally located for easy access by other dwarves who chose not to live there, but wanted to frequent it for RP, battle plans, trading, etc.

So we hunted down the Stonesmashers IG (Orth) and hired them to build it in the mountains East of Center (the Ire Mountains). Bron started stockpiling iron and oak, but eventually stopped since we never got the price and material list for the project, and I didn't want to be collecting things that may be not needed.

Now it's been over two years since a group of five dwarves birthed this concept, and then other dwarves got on the bandwagon with support. Can we move forward with something a little more in line with the concept than buying a small house in one of the limited areas that still has a house for sale - krandor, hlint, haven, are the only ones I found (and Haft Lake which does not work for us dwarves)?

So, is there a site we could fairly easily turn into a dwarven hearth-home / guild hall?
Maybe we could just copy the Dwarven Army Guildhall interior plans into a different site, and use that exact layout. Maybe this is a temporary location until the new Fort Wayfare, or maybe it continues as the permanent one.

Here would be a great location for a dwarven hearth-home / Guildhall:

In the Ire Mountains, Gnoll Watchtower area (just off of Ire Mountains) there are stairs up to the top of a mountain. At the top is an abandoned small fort. Perfect for the this concept!

Or, just outside Fort Vehl, the tower that seemingly has no purpose, in Dark Peak of the Watchers.

There's also an empty tower and house just outside Center on Path to the Ire Mts...

Can this be done?
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Bron, Gumbo, and Van may be teaming up to buy a home, since the dwarven Crimson Company caves has not been able to be created and there's no telling when it will be (actually, Hellblazer created it in the new Fort Wayfare, but he's been waiting on Orth to put that into place, and there's no telling when that will be).

So, a few questions:

1. There's a tower just west of Fort Wayfare in the Dark Peak of the Watchers. The door is locked, no address or owner. Can we purchase that and turn that into the temporary or permanent Crimson Company guild?

2. Is there a process for potentially purchasing a home from a player who has not had a presence on the server in a long time and turn that into the temporary or permanent Crimson Company home? I don't know if these players still play or not, but
176 Wayfare is owned by Kenzie (with Cherry).
189 Wayfare (the cave/home) Crimson Shield - Tod Fellow (and I see Lana Poetr and Charlie Poetr have items in it).
And the abandoned fort/tower near Fort Vehl - the Coalition. Is that still functioning? (Tyrra Dragonheart and others).
Potentially there are homes in Hempstead that have been sitting abandoned by players who no longer are on the server. Could we acquire one of those?

Thanks for considering!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: August 26, 2021, 12:59:02 am »
Barley leaves a blue note in the Transaction Chest, titled "Barley's Account", seemingly oblivious to a small note from Ke'Koa written on the same paper:

"Hello Mistress Pandorn! I'm leaving for appraisal a rare and valuable heavy crossbow, scribed with the name of its previous owner, "Drido Darrin". I'm taking a regular Monk's Robe, priced at 5500 True. please let me know what you value the crossbow at. I am leaving 1000 True, and I can pay the rest for the robe at your request, or we can talk about a potential barter. Thanks! ~Barley"

1000 True
Drido Darrin's Heavy Crossbow (Mighty +2)

Takes Monk's Armor (regular) 5500 value
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: August 26, 2021, 12:23:51 am »
Ysheera tacks a gaudy gold-inked note to the coin chest at Cailomels:

"Seeking a Greater Archer's Belt. In no great hurry, but eager to wrap it tightly around my supple waist. Can trade hot oil massages, red wine baths, sultry late night crooning, bawdy party songs, unspeakable ecstatic (// some word has been crossed out by a different hand and black ink //), and general revelry and celebration. Or coin, for those who are too boring to take me up on my offer. ~Ysheera, (response letters can be sent to the Tower Academy in Port Hempstead, but they may not be read unless a bottle of Xeenite Red accompanies the letter)"
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: August 25, 2021, 02:32:50 am »
Barley excitedly inspects the Balanced Hands of the Master.

Drops off for Trade Credit:
B.M.'s Sai (Immunity to Poison): 50% of lens = 1002
3 iron helms: 50% of lens = 3756
2 bronze helms: 50% of lens = 1932
13 pearls x 50 = 650
10 corn x 30 = 300
7 hazelnuts x 70 = 490
8 pecans x 60 = 480
9 thistle x 30 = 270
Total = 8880
Previous Credit = 413
Total Credit =9,293
Minus 7593 credit or new purchase

New Credit =  1700

Purchases Balanced Hands of the Master:
75% of lens = 15,186
50% in Trade: 7593
50% in Coin: 7593
(4000 Coin paid now, IOU 3593)

UPDATE: Paid the 3593; this transaction is paid in full

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Ysheera staggers into the shop, singing a bawdy and offensive tune (to halflings, at least). She tosses down another green forest draft and lets out a loud burp. "I've been brewing!" she announces with saucy satisfaction.

She deposits into the alcoholic bottle shelves:
5 Jumpin' Juniper Braw x 75 = 375
20 green forest drafts x 100 = 2000
60 black knight malts x 75 = 4500

She also drops off these items:
2 gems of lightning bolt x 170 = 340
1 gem of fireball = 170
Gloves of the Badger ("bloody worthless for insulting people.....and you've already got two, so I'll just put it in the free box")

Total deposited: 7,385 True of Items

Previous Credit: 17,619
New Credit: 25,004
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: August 21, 2021, 11:38:43 pm »
Bron returns for a few bags:
1 Lion Bag: 4587
2 Crag Cat Bags: 2064 + 2064
Total = 8715

50% paid in coin: 4358
50% paid in Credit: 4357

Old Credit: 46,756
New Credit; 42,399

Bron leaves a note:
"I'll be back soon with glass ingots and other resources. In the meantime, if any o' ye Master Craftsmen can forge a mithril halberd and a mithril warhammer, I'd be grinnin' while hackin' giants!"
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: August 16, 2021, 12:21:09 am »
Ysheera picks up the only Malar bag in the bag chest.
"Just the thing for a scrawny armed archer!"

Malar Bag: (Value? Lens price is 20,000, but bulletin board (//forum//) at Cailomel's says "22,936"?)

I'll assume it's 22,936
50% paid in Credit: 11,468
50% paid in Coin: 11,468

Old Credit: 35,381
New Credit: 23,913
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Ysheera picks up 7 branches of oak, humming a tune, "one so far away....I'll learn the mahogany..."

7 branches of oak = 350
35 coin paid

Previous Credit: 17969
New Credit: 17,619
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