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Script Wrecked:
"Mmm... If they could be making the strrong ballista by the zcorre, it would be verry helpful, no?"

Daniella nods.

"Any additional ballistas that can be made would be helpful."

Lance Stargazer:
**Nods*  If you are able Haartwarden I'd like you to be present when Miss Tyra would speak of the weapons, to see if what they offer fits with your project .

*Looks at Daniella *

Also if you would like to deal with her, i understand she has you in greater steem. I'll try to be there as well .

Daniella gives Lance an almost withering look at the request.

"I think that is a massive overstatement to say that she holds me in higher esteem, Lord Commander, but if I can be spared from Hilm at that time, I will do so, at your request."

Lance Stargazer:
*He return the sight to her*

It was not my intent to offend you, Milady, But it was my perception, Lets not dwell on this, if my words offend you I withdraw them, and offer you an appology.  

Be wherever you are needed

I'll send a letter to The coalition to answer that to make the meeting.


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