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--- Quote from: Script Wrecked ---A pale and very bruised Argali Trueaxe, on hearing the commotion, does her best to hobble after the Lady Commander.

"He would have done that anyway, whateverr we had agrreed," she croaks hoarsely. "He iz always maintaining the appearances forr whomeverr might be watching. And if that means burrning whole town, zo be it. He does not carre.

"We arre probably dealing with the most dangerrous of drragons. The one who iz zecond, who would be firrst.

"Rememberr, he iz not helping us. He iz trrying to win, whateverr way he can."
--- End quote ---

*Daniella stops and looks at Argali, divine wrath still very apparent in her being, but looks at her friend with concern.*

I know that, Captain, and thank you for reiterrating it.  But we do have to make a decision, and we need to make that decision quickly.  We will face the consequences of that choice, but choosing not to choose bears consequences in and of itself.  

*She continues down the hall, but slows her pace to that of Argali's in consideration for her recovering state*

*Word reaches the Council that a mage from Liwich has brought their representatives to Blackford Castle. The page reads the names to the members present."

Lord Marcheisan Anovarias and Lord G'ork, they should be along shortly.

In another morning session that Queen Mouring has attended she listens to the some of the many conversations going on around her. Listening in on the one where Conner, Lord Marcheisan and Captain Argali are discussion how anyone could deal with Ractrafiorez in any battle the queen interjects for a moment.

"Perhaps we should have done this sooner. I had heard from the Mage Alantha Tsarran that she was working with Xora and then the Dragonlinks in order to find ways to counter the dragons magics but I have not heard the results of any of that research. I think its time we called Rork, he might have some additional and valuable information to provide in handling these creatures."

Tyra sends a letter to Blackford addressed to the War Council.

[INDENT]Greetings Kings, Queens, Generals, Admirals, and all Council members,

The Coalition, a group of well meaning folks based in Co'rys, are hoping to help the war effort by building you one if not more siege engines you might use against the Dragons.  We would like to speak with one or more of you to discuss the details, and hopefully provide you with a working machine soon.

The Coalition

Lance Stargazer:
**Lance reading the message , looks towards Argali*  

I think it would be wise if we see if this engines could fit with your development Haartwarden.

*looks over Daniella if she is there as well*


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