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« Reply #260 on: May 13, 2008, 05:19:29 pm »
Gah...Im so tired.

As soon as we returned to dalanthar...runners from the army that was sent up the mountain came down and informed us that they were being pounded by the giants!

They were being used as a distraction so master kobal and his group could reach essrantor without being discovered.

He said the only way to assure they wouldnt get taken unawares and from the rear was if we could make our way to an old fortress at the foot of essrantors tower, retake it from the giants and then hold it against them! :o O.o

I was just hoping for a beer. :(

Our friends needed us we went..we took the mountain passes and they were strangely quiet, we asked the bandits to send a contingent thru some caverns that led underneath the mountain and to the fortress.

It was so quiet, really unnerving....and then..the fortess...and ...i could feel the Al'noth. It was there..and it was weak..but i could touch it!

The fortress was held against us, and we nearly died. We took the outside easy enough, but then we got so carried aways in our sweep that we ended up doing a drunk dwarf charge thru the gate...we were being hammered!

The bandits made it just in time and we were able to retake the fortress! Yay for the misted warriors!

We quickly repaired the gate, and barred it against the giants..then master beli called forth the spirits of the losthammer clan to fight for us. They guarded the main gate, the bandits took up positions on the wall as archers, and after some really vicious fighting...more allies appeared. The spirit dragon came when it was called and decimated the giants that broke thru the walls during one of their assaults.

Then we saw the giant army massing...runners said the giants routed the boyer army and were returning to their fortress! We were in for fight and it wasnt gonna be a few sorties!

Then, out of the blue...more giants! But these were good giants! Apparently these were ether giants..betrayed by the arcs and frozen in ice and time for centuries! ANd they wanted some revenge! They were fighting for us! :D

We held the fortress for days...then the mountain started to collapse and we all got the heck out of there! I was just hoping it was a sign our friends had succeeded. I remember dad telling me stories of the same thing happening when blood fell! O.o :o

We made our way down the mountain, essrantors giants were routed and being hunted by the ether giants and we finally made it to safety! I just hope our friends were able to escape too..:\\


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« Reply #261 on: May 14, 2008, 04:42:02 pm »
Oh gods what has she done!

I went to see miss grenna at the den to see if she wanted to help me brew some beer maybe even see uncle Dalan too. :D

Shes been zombified! Master Jin was really upset and pestering MR Pendar for a cure! :o

Armolas was there too..He said miss grenna is sticking close in the forest outside of leringard..trying to hide and stay safe. She didnt want to scare the kiddies running around the den. :(

He said that she was turned by Laura! That vile vampire! She has been harassing Jaelle and miss hanna! >:/

He also said she got someone named skully too.That miss grenna said it was he that laura was after in the first place. Poor grenna got zapped by her as a consequence of her trying to help him fight her. O.o

This tears it..Im going to hunt her down and make her suffer for whats shes done to my friends nad family. >:/


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« Reply #262 on: May 17, 2008, 10:55:06 am »
MIss Grenna has been de zombified!!!

Master jin and the rest of the farstriders are truly great and resourceful guys!

And uncle dalan wil be truly relieved about that, if he hasnt found out already. ;)

Oh..and it loioks like Polly has snuck out of the den. I havent seen her for a few years, but i met a couplef of halflings adn they mentioned her.

Hopefully she will still remember me since its been a long itme since we last saw each other. She was a few years younger than me, but we seemed ot get on okay during my stay at the den.


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Its been too long since i was last back to visit the village where i grew up. :(

After all thats happened recently in the thunderpeaks, i think i should go and visit. I miss my friends from there, and i should visit my old pack and see how they are doing. I really miss them. :(

I think maybe I will invite bear along. He has never been there before, and i think he woud like to go. With everything thats been going on of late, I think a trip tehre woudl really clear my head. I can show bear mommas cherry tree that dad planted. Besides, bear and momma need to meet. :D

I know getting back tehre woudl be a good for me. Now that Im not running around lieka chicken with my head cutoff (gross...i wonder whoever thought of that O.o ) I really need to try and get my head on straight. Right now, all my moodiness and depression seem to be kicking in abit. I try to hide it, but now that im not so preoccupied...all teh bad thoughts and feelings jsut come rushing into my head. :(

I always found it easiest to to gather my thoughts and figure out stuff while sitting under mommas tree. It was so peaceful there by the river and i always felt safe there. Like she was watching over me. :)
Maybe Ill even ask hunty to tag along if she wants to. I know its been so long since we have been able to really talk and hang out. I think this woudl bnea good trip. And I know she can keep a secret, so I can trust her with teh villages location. 8)


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I saw Mr Abiorn yesterday. He sold me a really nice cloak. We needed up talking for awhile about  alot of things.

He told me he was moving to Belinara. That he felt he was needed in the helping protect the lands north of miitrix.

I can understand why...the demons being driven out by the dragons of Phal and Ash. I remember when we had to fight that half dragon creature...That was tough. :o

On one hand, its good those fiends are being driven out or sent back to the pits that they came from. But then, I think of who is doing it and why. The green dragon cultists...all those rumors of them and the black wizards, blood pools and the corruption of dragons. I probably wouldnt care so much except for what they have done to those beautiful creatures. >:/

As we talked about all of that, for some reason I felt the urge to talk to Mr Abiorn about one of my desires. To follow the path of my mommas family, and become a demon hunter.

It was kinda weird, he just kinda stood there for a second staring at me kinda flatly..He told me hes been hunting them alot of late. He told me of the greatest demon hunter he ever knew...Her name was Casrushier. But she has disappeared and he cant find her now.

I felt really sad for Mr abiorn then...i think they were very close. Something about it seems to have hurt his heart. :(

After that he said I should not bother with the path i am following, that it deals with the black wizards and their dark bargains with the devils. That he cannot look up to enjoy the sunsets anymore, since his eyes are always seem to be looking over his shoulders. :(

I told him as we spoke that i may have issues with the black wizards myself. That if what the rumors are saying is true that they are directly involved with the corruption of the dragons. That is reason enough for me to hunt them down. >:/

We parted ways soon after...I think he was getting a bit nervous staying in place like that for too long. We had talked much longer than i think he realized. I could see he was getting abit nervous towards the end. Sow e said our good byes and i let him get on with his packing.


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« Reply #265 on: May 21, 2008, 04:23:27 pm »
Ive been thinking alot about things lately. :p

Where my life is going, what im doing right now...Who I am and what i want. Its all so confusing sometimes. O.o

I hate being stuck in my head like this! >:/

Whatever happened to just being free and not having a care in th world? So many things have been happening to me, so many things i want to do and accomplish now.

Some things are beyond my control, but i still seek answers...

Some were promises made with a desire to share and rebuild...

Some are about reconnecting with a family i dont even know...

Some are about the family I know and love.

So much swirling around in my head its like a whirlpool sometimes and I feel like im just circling and circling the outside of the depths and never getting any closer to anything. :(


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« Reply #266 on: May 21, 2008, 04:40:19 pm »
Promises made with a desire to rebuild...

I need to pay a visit to the old man at point dart here soon. Hes had a year to try start finding stuff in regards to the spellsword school that was there so long ago.

Im sure he has found a few things by now. Maybe an old textbook at the very least, or notes on how the classes were taught. I could use all the help I can get.

I dont know if teaching any new students the way i was taught...fireballs being hurled at me as i climbed down a mountain, classes on grace and movement while being zapped with magic balls of energy woudl go over so well. ;)

Mr Omer asked me to be an instructor at the school he and miss Hanna are opening in Hempstead. They bought an old tower that used to belong to some wizards along time ago and are planning on opening a school of magic there.

He wants me to teach those interested, about how to be a spellsword.

One of my earlier dreams seems to be coming true. And I may be able to fulfill my promise to the granddaughter of shayne maltov long before i ever thought i would! :D


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« Reply #267 on: May 21, 2008, 05:09:25 pm »
Reconnecting with a family I dont even know...

Well...its more that I want to meet them one day, and establish contact again. I think they would like to know that the granddaughter of Lauranthia Sil'Deverin is alive...though they might not be so keen that im more human than elf. O.o

Unfortunately, being more human than elf, and the fact that they are from voltrex, and what my teacher once said told me of my uncle and a whole bunch of other things that my elvish is pretty thickly accented, an that while im getting better and better..I still sound like i have rocks in my mouth when i talk according to miss serissa.

After chatting with Mr Abiorn, it made me realize what a long road it will be trying to find and reconnect with mommas side of the family.

Mr Omer said the best way for me to do it was one..start practicing my elvish alot! Which i have been doing thank you very much. :rolleyes:

And secondly, since i am already familiar with the Al'Noth and how to manipulate it to some degree of proficiency, that i should start taking up the family trade..huntng demons and devils, or at the very least learn all i can about them!

So I did, and have been. Im better at it than i thought it seems. Ive killed alot of them, and narrowly escaped being eaten by more than a few of them too! :o
But for some reason, since i started does feel right, like theres something in my blood that stirs when i fight those creatures. I dunno..maybe im crazy. But i do seem to have a knack for it. O.o

I even began collecting a few teeth here and there and abit of horn or hide. Since Mr Omer seemed to think it important that i do so..That way i can subtlely decorate any armor i may wear when i go to meet them when i find them..So they can see im more than just words, but have proof. Though...its all about subtlety...elves like things subtle. ;)

Still...I have along way to go before i feel im ready to head to Voltrex. I still think about it alot though. I dont know why...


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My Family

What can I much has happened with them all.

I have always thought the bashers as my family. I mean, i grew up around all of them after all.

Now bear and i are starting to talk about our upcoming wedding and im gonna start a new phase in my life. Its hard i starting a new family now? I had always thought of starting a new family as going on and having children...watching dad play with his grand kids, bear pulling his hair out at their antics. Growing old together and watching our family grow. :)

Bear has been a wonder. What more can i say...He has been the one thing i think that has kept me from drowning in my own anger and despair. I look at him and just see the man i want to be with for the rest of my life. :)

Alot has happened to me recently...but i feel im ready to start the next phase of my life...I dont think Ill ever get over what has happened to me. Right or wrong, aeridin took something from me and im not sure i will ever get over what has been done. But at least i have a clue or two to maybe right the problem. :\\


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Things have been pretty topsy turvy lately...O.o

Hunty and I were traveling through the viper mountains when we were jumped by stupid bugbears...I was too slow and could save her and she was struck down. :o

Luckily some local mercenaries were traveling through the area and helped me take hunty to a local priestess. She was able to help bring my friend back from the brink! :D

Turns out we ended up in a small encampment deep in the fog forest. It was mostly mixed bloods like myself and HUnty. THey were hiding from the some of the more 'radical' elements tat have been stirred up lately. It turns out the priestess was an aeridinite. She felt bad for what had happened to us, and for some reason felt obligated to aid them in dealing with our loss. :\\

She tried to console me, saying that we cant know the reasons for what happened, but it was probably for the best. Just know that aeridin loves us all no matter what. :rolleyes:

I swear i wanted to strangle her right then and there! Sure i was grateful for her for saving hunty but that didnt give her hte right to be I cant even think straight as i write this! >:/

The next morning master Jin showed up. I was so grateful for that. We had agreed to meet at the folian temple but he got worried when i didnt show up. Jin being Jin..he tracked me down like the wolf he is. ;)

He has been so great in trying to help me. I think its because he was the one who recognized the mark of the longstrider upon me. A similar mark he was given so long ago that brought him upon the path of the Folian. He has been a great friend and mentor to me. And I think what aeridin has done to me, has him deeply concerned about what have happened to aeridin in general. He was once a priest of aeridin after all.

In the end we were told to visit the temple in Sadinia. Great memories there. :rolleyes:

From there we were told to seek out a nimbus of aeridin. I guess they are a circle of high priests most closely attuned to him, some fellow named Palmer Felch. Whatever..I just wanted answers. Though I do see the irony of it all. I was coming full circle. This is where i first learned of aeridins distaste of us mix bloods and now i have returned for more of the same.

The story we were told was about how the avatar of corath, some guy named preto sangue, had decided to start creating new creatures of his own. He figured out how to mess with the 'astral locks' which kept each creature within its designated form or something like that. Coraths avatar was able ot manipulate creatures he came into contact with and change their form by unlocking their partucular astral lock. Its all really confusing to me but master jin seemed to understand it mroe than i did.

It took many months before aeridin realized what was truly going on. Since all the abominations were pretty sporadic and happening at different places. He eventually sent his avatar down to fight coraths since no one bothered to heed his warnings and signs and do something. The avatars battled and both were destroyed in the end. The astral locks were secured once more, though aeridin himself lost his control over the elements with the death of his avatar. Ever since then...all the locks that allowed certain races to mix have been closed.

Master Jin seems to think this is how the half dragons are being made now. That the astral keys of the dragons were unlocked or somehow not recovered by aeridin, but still held by corath.

It a much more compelling story and gives me alot to think about. But im still angry...i still dont understand why I was, why we were singled out and can no longer bear children. We have been around thousands of years, and now because some corathite was able to steal the key or the locks or whatever we are being punished. I mean he has control over the locks again. >:/


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Ive been feeling really weak these last few days.

I had a visit by the soulmother again..and this time it hurt so bad. It has me really scared.

Miss tegan was the same way when she felt she was hit by the soulmother one too many times.

Bear has been so sweet. He was pretty scared when he found out. Hes been making dinner for me, gathering my favorite nuts and berries.

Im usually the one doing the cooking for the two of us. Filling his lunchpail with all sorts of goodies. I guess i know why now! :D I swear he makes the worst stew i ever tasted! ;)

Still he has been really sweet. :)

During my convalescence I talked with miss tegan. She gave me that angry look along  with that i told you so look shes so good at. After telling me i needed to be more careful, and saying i was too young to be so reckless, that i needed to think about bear and dad and all those i cared about she just stopped and gave me a hug. It was very sad and caring and sympathetic and all those emotions rolled up into one and i started crying abit. I guess i just kinda realized th enormity of what had happened to me. :(

We talked for along time after that. She told me i need to get my affairs in order in case of the worst. But if I was lucky..I might learn to keep the soulmother at bay if I was strong enough...and lucky enough.

So I guess...I guess I should write some stuff down.

Im not sure how bear is gonna take this...not well at all I think. Not that i blame him. It seems we have just found each other. This is gonna tear him apart. :(


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//her will will be posted here upon approval....


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I met with my new traveling companions the other night. They were pretty worried when I told them what had happened.

Emie took it really hard. I feel really bad for her, since i think aside from Ami I am one of her closest friends. We have such a great time together, especially when we team up and pick on poor ami with our grub eating.O.o  And though i dont think she'll admit it out loud, i think she likes my bear too. Only as afriend of course! ;)

Mr Abiorn seemed pretty listless about after I told everyone about what was happening with me. He just nodded and gave me that wry smile of his. He said he would do his best to help me learn how to strengthen myself to beat the soulmother. But i needed to train hard and be very mindful of myself. No more falling, no more doing stupid things...the soulmother had her eyes upon me. O.o

Everyone in our little party seemed more somber than usual when we started out. Not that i blame them. I feel like Im the party pooper. We seemed to be running more cautiously than normal this time out. Travelling the safer paths of the forests of belinara. I felt like i was letting the team down. :(

In the end we finall started getting back into the old spirit of things. Emie and I were picking on poor Ami. Ami was getting lessons from Abiorn on how to use her boom stick...practicing on Emie and I of course! O.o

Bear was always by my side, to keep me out of trouble i think. But it was good to have him by my side like that. He looks out for me and loves me so much, but he isnt smothering. I guess thats why I love him so much myself.

It makes me feel bad for poor syton. I know he cares for ellis alot. And i know she loves him too. I can see it in both of their eyes. The way she shoots arrows at him, and how he pretends to be all subserviant to her every whim. Always with a sideways glance and grin. He is alot wiser than most of us give him credit for. I just hope those two can work things out. Poor ellis is so insecure, I think syton would bring that stability she needs.

Well..Mr abiorn is heading back to his new house in Miritrix. I know all of us have had a fun trip and are anxious to get home. Maybe bear and i should head to the lake of mirrors in alindor. Its been too long since we spent time camping there.

Oh wow!, here comes master Kobal, and Beli and Grohin. Maybe i could travel with my dwarf kin for awhile. Poor bear is so knackered and needs a nap before we head back to Hempstead. I'll just let him sleep in the inn and meet him when he wakes up! Emies is just looking at me right now and saying i should just stay with bear at the inn, but its been so long since i last traveled with Master Kobal and the dwarfs. Ill be fine with them, they are all capable warriors and i wont be gone long!  :D


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« Reply #273 on: July 10, 2008, 07:16:28 pm »
Bear sits in among a small copse of trees reading the last few pages of a worn book. After reading the final page, he sits with tears in his eyes, holding the book in his lap. He takes out a quill and ink, turns to the first blank page, and begins to write.

//to be continued


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« Reply #274 on: October 11, 2009, 06:06:46 pm »
*Slowly the pages are turned....sometimes little stains appear on some of the pages, sometimes the page is dog eared so she remembers where the page is.

There is a small ink blot where it appears something was about to be written...then nothing.


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« Reply #275 on: November 01, 2009, 07:41:19 pm »

Why are some of these pages missing? Maybe bear knows.

I would have sworn there was more in there from when I was on Voltrex. :\\ :mad:

Things to do:

See Mr Omer
Travel to Point Dart
Put Flynn through the wringer ;)


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« Reply #276 on: November 02, 2009, 01:08:24 am »
I think I need to start writing some of this stuff down...I guess here is as good a place to start as any.

Started teaching Flynn what i know about being a spellsword. Its hard..really hard.

Ive been poring through the notes i can find, and trying to think how i can show him what i know and what i feel this should be about. All those weird things that came out of my mouth the other day, like shadowed memories that just popped into my head.

Focus...I think that is the main lesson i need to focus on right now. O.o :) For Flynn. He does alright, but you get him a bit tired and flustered and it all goes out the window. Hes getting better.

He wont admit it, but i think hes in rough shape. He was still limping a bit when he showed up at the arena today. He held his own though. At first my 'helpers' gave him a trouncing. He held on though, you could see he was getting tired and frustrated. Jonas was really giving him a hard time for some reason. that young kid was pushing Flynns buttons on purpose, i had to warn him a couple of times. He got the message in the end though when FLynn blew him halfway halfway cross the room! He deserved it though, he was being an arse. Im glad Flynn was finally able to focus, but Im not sure using his anger as a focus was such a good thing. :( :\\

In a serious fight you have to remain calm, getting ticked gives you a moments focus but it kindof gives you tunnel vision too.

I didnt say anything to Flynn about it, cause I know hes already a tough fighter and knows what hes doing. That and Jonas deserved what he got.


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I decided to give FLynn a bit of a break today from all the rough and tumble. Sortof....

We did some sparring just one on one. I showed him a few tactics that i think were pretty spellswordy and really put emphasis on our lessons up to that point.

Hes a lot better fighter than I am, but i gave as good as I got. 8)
We started without magic first, then with...I think Flynn really got into that part of our training. He knocked me on my butt a few times, and I made him scream like a little girl once! I almost wet my armor when he did that! :p

Next i figured we would do some armor training and spell focusing. I couldnt find any platemail that i could damage severely around the shop so we made due with some gizmo that a crazy gnome must have come up with.

It was a bunch of sandbags you strap on to simulate heavy armor. O.o Crazy stuff, but i guess you have to hand it to those gnomes. :D

Flynn looked like a walking sandbag! Still, it worked out great. According to my journal, I guess my old teacher had me wearing some rusted out set of mail and started pummeling me with spells while i had to cast. The memory is fuzzy, but my body sure does ache at the mention of it in my journal. :(

Flynns turn. He did great though. Probably better than i did the first time i bet. He could barely move, but he held out and got a couple of defensive spells up. Once i turned up the pressure with some tougher spells he started to fizzle out again, but he did all right I think.

He was really bruised after that one! I think hes gonna be soaking ina tub for a few days. I think I'll let him rest up a bit longer this time. that and i need to talk to mr omer.


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« Reply #278 on: November 08, 2009, 06:28:27 pm »
Flynns been doing really good with what Ive been showing him and trying to teach him. At least as best as i can manage at this point.

I think I'll take him out into the woods somewhere and really put him through his paces and see if hes ready for the next thing.

Spellsword tag...I like that...:D


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« Reply #279 on: November 10, 2009, 05:31:41 pm »
Flynn has alot to think about now, and alot of practice to do. Hopefully he wont head to the bar and drink himself silly now and forget what I taught him in the woods. O.o ;)

I dont think it was the most important thing we have worked on in the last couple of months or so but its what most people i know of think about when the word spellsword is mentioned. :rolleyes: :(

We trained in how to imbue our weapons with power. Fire, ice, and lightning. I dont know if he really understood how i felt about it and how it happens and why, but he seemed pretty responsive. He was even able to do it...sortof. More fizzle than spark at this point, but hes on the right path to figuring out how he needs to do it. :p

I think I'll give him a small break for awhile. He has alot to absorb for the moment. And alot of bruises that need some care! ;)

I read in my journal once how dad said we had to find our own paths sometimes. I know he was talking about other stuff; life stuff, but i think it applies in this case too. :\\

Flynn has the basic tools and how to apply them and now he has to adapt them to his way of doing things. He isnt a ranger, and he isnt a mage or fighter (he sure does like a good fight or bar brawl though!). Everyone has their own way of seeing things and doing them. I just hope I did justice to what my uncle taught me and he can make his way with what Ive shown him so far.

He still has a alot more lessons to learn, but the basic basics are pretty much done. Now its a matter of getting him to the point where he can move and act without tripping over his own feet! ;)