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General Discussion / It has been a bit
« on: April 14, 2021, 06:50:27 pm »
So what do I have to do to make a come back? Are my old characters still available? I have no idea what my CD key was LOL and I am guessing I will need a new copy of NWN.

By the way, my main was Wren Thendor.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Trying to come back :-)
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:46:14 pm »
Hi all,It has been a long time since I logged on. I just installed a new copy of NWN Diamond (1.69 to deal with windows 7), installed the lastest hakpack. What I don't remember is how to log on so that I can use my character :-) . Help. jrizz 
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General Discussion / Bioware user name and CD key
« on: October 25, 2016, 05:52:53 pm »
It has been a long time since I have played on Layo. But I would like to make a come back :-) One of my challenges is how do I get my bioware username and CD key that I used before. I guess I can get a new account but how do I associate my character with me :-) Cheers,John
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General Discussion / Will be out of game for 7 days (Wren)
« on: September 09, 2011, 01:05:54 am »
I wont be IG for the next 7 days. I will have access to the forums so I will be covering any needed RP by PMs.

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Rumour Has It / Tegan and Wren wedding log
« on: August 27, 2011, 01:11:13 pm »
For those of you who were there but could not be there in real time.

06:00:59 Wren Thendor: Hello, thank you for coming *bows*
06:01:01 Iellwen: *they both smile at Wren *
06:01:10 Wren Thendor: *grins*
06:01:24 Wren Thendor: now dont let me run away
06:01:28 Lance Stargazer: Its an honor to be able to acompany you.
06:01:58 Wren Thendor: The honor is all mine
06:02:15 Wren Thendor: please excuse me
06:02:30 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles*Hello mister Wren
06:02:34  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *smiles*  A wedding indeed is not somethijng that happene severy day ..
06:02:41 Wren Thendor: Storold *bows*
06:02:50 Wren Thendor: thank you for coming today
06:03:14 Storold Doesscha: I wouldn't miss this happy occation*Smiles*I hope that you are not nerveous
06:03:27 Lance Stargazer: *he escort his wife to a seat on the hall *
06:03:48 Wren Thendor: I was less scared facing a dragon *laughs*
06:03:53 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles*
06:04:02 Storold Doesscha: It will all pass once you ee Tegan
06:04:04 Storold Doesscha: *see
06:04:16 Wren Thendor: wise words, I am sure you are right
06:04:51 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles lightly*I have been in this situation a few times myself, so I should know
06:05:16 Wren Thendor: *grins* please excuse me I had best check to make sure all is as it should be
06:05:28 Storold Doesscha: Of course*Smiles*
06:07:34 Iellwen: *then nods at Q with a smile*
06:07:56 Wren Thendor: Q!
06:08:05 Quantum Windword: Hello Wren
06:08:19 Wren Thendor: It is truly good to see you
06:08:29 Quantum Windword: *bows to Iellwen*
06:08:34 Wren Thendor: thank you for coming to share this day with us
06:08:43 Wren Thendor: *holds out his hand*
06:09:02 Quantum Windword: It is my honor *reaches out and shakes Wrens hand*
06:09:05 Wren Thendor: You look well old friend
06:09:24 Quantum Windword: As do you..  
06:09:37 Wren Thendor: well still alive at least *grins*
06:10:01 Wren Thendor: please sit and enjoy, I have some things to check on *bows*
06:10:04 Quantum Windword: *smiles*  That is always a great thing
06:10:23 Quantum Windword: *bows to Wren*
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06:14:35 Your soul is bound on the Central server.
06:14:35 Your character has been automatically saved.
06:16:22 Wren Thendor: *stands at the door and greets people as the arrive*
06:19:20 Wren Thendor: *shakes hands and greets guests*
06:20:20 Quantum Windword: *turns and watchs the people come in and smiles at all the poeple that have come*
06:21:39 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: Well met. Hello.
06:21:46 Wren Thendor: Chakar!
06:21:52 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *smiles*
06:21:59 Wren Thendor: thank you for coming
06:22:08 Wren Thendor: *bows*
06:22:27 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: nice and flowery in here
06:22:38 Wren Thendor: it is good to see old friends under good conditions
06:22:53 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: regenerative magics have their boons *grins*
06:23:00 Wren Thendor: meaning no one is trying to kill us *grins*
06:23:26 Wren Thendor: come in please and find a seat, there are still a few left
06:23:33 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: sure thing
06:28:09 Wren Thendor: Commander, I think it is time
06:28:43 Lance Stargazer: **he smiles and nods, standing holding Ell's hand*
06:29:04 Wren Thendor: *clears his throat*
06:29:26 Wren Thendor: thank you everyone for coming to join us on this happy day
06:29:35 Your soul is bound on the Central server.
06:29:35 Your character has been automatically saved.
06:30:35 Wren Thendor: even in the midst of war and strife, woderful things can happen *he smiles at Lance and Iellwen*
06:30:43 Lance Stargazer: *Lance stands there holding the papers for him in a reasuring way*
06:31:03 Quantum Windword: *watchs and smiles*
06:31:09 Lance Stargazer: *nodding slowly at that with a big smile*
06:31:23 Wren Thendor: As most ofyou know, Tegan and I have known eachother for many years
06:31:52 Wren Thendor: as friend and comrads in arms
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06:32:28 Wren Thendor: but somewhere in the heat of the war a stronger bond grew between us
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06:34:06 Wren Thendor: This day we accept that bond and join to eachother as husband and wife, in front of you our friends.
06:34:41 Wren Thendor: *bows*
06:34:57 Wren Thendor: *turns and waits for Tegan*
06:35:48 Abigail Firesteed: oops *blushes and rushes to the other side
06:35:58 Iellwen: *looks around with an eyebrow arched a small notebook on her hands*
06:36:30 Wren Thendor: *smiles to Abi*
06:36:41 Abigail Firesteed: *grins nad gives wrena small wave
06:37:26 Wren Thendor: *sees Tegan and smiles warmly*
06:37:38 Redeemer : *music sounds as Tegan enters the building*
06:37:44 Abigail Firesteed: *smiles happil;y at tegan
06:37:48 Wren Thendor: *does not take his eyes off her*
06:37:52 Quantum Windword: *stands as Tegan walks down the isle*
06:37:54 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles brightly*
06:38:08 Tegan Tempest: *smiles, blushing deeply looking straight ahead moving slowly up the aisle*
06:38:11 Lance Stargazer: *he nods smiling as the bride comes near *
06:38:30 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *smiles as the proceedings move forward*
06:38:52 Tegan Tempest: *The last bit she stops taking him before moving the last bit*
06:38:59 Wren Thendor: *looks at her with eyes that say he has never been so happy*
06:39:04 Iellwen: *she takes a moment to do a small sketch of the moment *
06:39:39 Abigail Firesteed: *givesa small cheer to herself
06:39:44 Lance Stargazer: *he gestures to Abi as he moves to his position for the ceremony*
06:40:02 Tegan Tempest: *Her eyes shimmering she whispers something low*
06:40:10 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper You look very handsome.
06:40:19  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *clears his throat*
06:40:39  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: [Whisper Ready ?
06:40:49 Wren Thendor: [Whisper You have stopped time, never have I seen anything so lovely
06:41:04 Wren Thendor: yes sir
06:41:29 Tegan Tempest: Yes *smiles*
06:41:45 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *chuckles* a bit louder please
06:42:05 Wren Thendor: *nods*
06:42:19  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *he raises the voice speaking to the crowd*  Welcome today  for this celebration
06:43:05  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Where we accompanny Wren and Tegan which have decided to share their lives together thru the act of marriage.  
06:43:47 Wren Thendor: *watches her with a smile*
06:44:02  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: It is thru this act that the society stands, and the family they have decided to form is the base of society
06:44:47  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Its not just a wish but a compromise formed by them, with love and care for the other as base and the same things for helping it to stand
06:45:06 Tegan Tempest: *slips her hand into his having an endless smile on her face, her eyes only for Wren*
06:45:28 Wren Thendor: *holds her hand*
06:45:49  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: And so. friends and families are here together to celebrate this.  
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06:47:11  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Its in my honor as representative of the Trelanian kingdom to be part and be withness of your will to form a new family.
06:47:51  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Its also my honor as fellow folianite  to see that the small pack they have decided to form to grow and flourish as well.
06:48:16 Wren Thendor: *nods*
06:49:29 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper It will *said with a promise*
06:50:46  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Before we go on .. Is there any words you might want to share to each other ?
06:51:10 Wren Thendor: *looks at Tegan with a deep smiles and nods*
06:51:20 Wren Thendor: *takes a breath*
06:52:01 Tegan Tempest: *squeezes his hand showing support*
06:52:44 Wren Thendor: Tegan, I join with you today as I am and ask you to join with me as you are. No change is asked. All I ask is that from this day to the next and every day that the great wolf grants us...
06:53:34 Wren Thendor: we live life to the fullest, together, and with no comprimse.
06:54:04 Wren Thendor: *he bows deep to her holding her hand*
06:55:19 Tegan Tempest: *dabs left cheek with the back of her hand*
06:56:04 Lance Stargazer: *he looks at them, with a focused eyes on the couple, giving a look to Ell from time to time*
06:56:08 Quantum Windword: *nods and smiles with Wrens words*
06:56:15 Abigail Firesteed: *whispers softly to herself...that is sso sweet
06:56:25 Tegan Tempest: *now it is she who takes a deep breath, smiling almost giving a soft nervous laugh
06:56:41 Wren Thendor: *holds her hand tight*
06:58:08 Tegan Tempest: Wren, there are few in this world who may understand what I have been through, the life I have led. But  there is only one person in this world who completely understands who I am, good, bad.. my temper and why, and that is you.
06:58:41 Wren Thendor: *smiles*
06:59:30 Tegan Tempest: No pretenses, I see you all the good things in you as I know you see me. *she goes to kiss his cheek, turning to the priest nodding she's done*
07:00:29 Wren Thendor: *breaths it all in*
07:00:49  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *the man nods at the exchange with a small smile he clears his throat again*
07:03:02  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: With this said  *he looks over Wren * Is this the time where its called upon you  Wren do you Take Tegan as your wife, for loving her and respect her? for this day and the next seasons, for the cold and dry and the sun and snow?
07:03:27 Wren Thendor: Most truly I do
07:03:36 Quantum Windword: *smiles*
07:04:16 Tegan Tempest: *smiles*
07:04:29 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper You still have a chance to run, promise no hell ball to follow.
07:04:40 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:04:51 Abigail Firesteed: *giggles*
07:05:12 Wren Thendor: [Whisper I am where I want to be.
07:05:19  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *with a smile he nods and looks over Tegan*  And you milady , Do you take Wren as your Husband, for loving and respecting him, for this day and the next seasons, for the cold adn dry, and the sun and the snow?
07:05:28 A new day dawns upon Layonara, it is now Junar 12, 1486 years since The Great Cataclysm.
07:05:31 Lance Stargazer: **he shakes hus head a bit*
07:06:44 Tegan Tempest: I certainly do
07:06:51 Wren Thendor: [Whisper *leans in and whispers to her very low*  I am sure I can cover your escape if needed
07:07:05 Abigail Firesteed: *rgins and lets out as slitght ..wheew
07:07:06 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: Not bad, not bad at all!
07:07:22 Storold Doesscha: *Nods to himself and smiles*
07:07:23 Lance Stargazer: **shakes his head again , with a smile on his lips*
07:07:33 Quantum Windword: *grins at his neice's exciment*
07:07:44 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper **leans the rest of the way to rest her head briefly with his* I am where I wish to be.
07:07:59 Wren Thendor: *smiles*
07:09:47  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *he raises his voice again* Is there anyone in this room who oposses to the wishes expressed by the voices and souls of this two children of the wolf ?
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07:10:04  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: he may speak now or fall forever silent  
07:10:30 Wren Thendor: *holds his breath for a moment*
07:10:36 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *grins*
07:10:55 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper If they dare, duck. *winking*
07:11:02 Abigail Firesteed: *gives everyone a I dare ytou to say a word or i will hellball you look
07:11:11 Storold Doesscha: *Grins to Chakar*
07:11:23 Wren Thendor: *holds in a chuckle*
07:11:28 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *grins and shakes his head to Storold*
07:12:36 Storold Doesscha: *Nods to Chakar*
07:15:41  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: with that said. . I under the laws of men and gods  hereby declare you Wife and husband.
07:15:58 Abigail Firesteed: Oh ho, I like that!
07:15:58 Abigail Firesteed: *cheers*
07:16:10 Abigail Firesteed casts Imbue: Electricity
07:16:16 Wren Thendor: *takes her hand and slips a ring onto her finger*
07:16:22 Abigail Firesteed: *in her excitemet..her flowers start to spark
07:16:28 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles and claps*
07:16:41 Wren Thendor: A part of me
07:16:42 Tegan Tempest: *Takes his hand after and slips a ring on His finger*
07:16:48 Tegan Tempest: *smiles* and a part of me.
07:16:53  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *he smiles as Wren taes the initiative before he says*
07:17:11 Abigail Firesteed casting Flame Weapon
07:17:13 Abigail Firesteed casts Flame Weapon
07:17:24 Lance Stargazer: *he looks with a smile at that and looks over Ell for a moment then returning his sight to the couple*
07:17:25 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:17:43  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: You may kiss the bride  *smiling *
07:18:03 Wren Thendor: *takes her in his arms and kisses her deeply*
07:18:24  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer:
07:18:32 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: Not bad, not bad at all!
07:18:36  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: People,  friends and family  
07:18:42 Tegan Tempest: *returns the happy kiss, kissing him deeply in return*
07:19:01  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: This two came in as single ones, but walk out together  
07:19:35 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *grins at Storold*
07:19:57 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *chuckles*
07:19:59 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles*
07:20:04  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: Recieve them with joy, and take care of them, They will need your help on the times to come.
07:21:07  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: [Whisper Well .. Congratulations. .
07:21:23 Tegan Tempest: *slips her arm around his waist in a hug*
07:21:27 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:21:44  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: [Whisper You may now take the guests to the area in the back .. anything else you need?
07:21:49 Wren Thendor: *howls for all to hear*
07:22:02 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: mating call?
07:22:11 Wren Thendor: Lets all go sit and enjoy a meal and some drink!
07:22:16 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: I am certain.
07:22:28 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *applauds for the happy couple*
07:22:49  Martine Rae, Trelanian officer: *with that he picks his things , goes and holds both groom and bride hands wishing well fortunes and departs*
07:23:04 Wren Thendor: *thanks him*
07:23:06 Tegan Tempest: *watches Abi move to the south east corner getting the food to flow and making sure the drinks are chilled*
07:23:25 Tegan Tempest: *murmurs her gratitude to the magistrate*
07:23:32 Quantum Windword: *claps*
07:23:34 Wren Thendor: Well you are stuck with me now
07:23:35 Lance Stargazer: *he approaches and hugs both of them * Congratulations .. A fine event for a fine couple
07:23:46 Wren Thendor: Thank you commander
07:24:05 Tegan Tempest: *hugs Lance* Thank you
07:24:28 Quantum Windword: *bows to the both of them*  I am very happy for the both of you
07:24:29 Lance Stargazer: *gestures them to move forward*  More guests are awaiting  *Smiling*
07:24:43 Wren Thendor: thank you Q
07:25:00 Tegan Tempest: *goes up to Q and hugs him to* I am so glad you are here.
07:25:18 Quantum Windword: I am glad I could make it
07:25:29 Quantum Windword: *hugs her back*
07:25:50 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: may the Lady shine her wonders on your path together *smiles*
07:25:55 Tegan Tempest: Our niece did the food lets see how she did?
07:25:56 Wren Thendor: My thanks
07:26:12 Quantum Windword: *nods*
07:26:25 Quantum Windword: she is a wonderfull cook
07:26:33 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: yes yes, I am feeling a bit non-full already *grins*
07:26:43 Tegan Tempest: *goes to kiss Chak on the cheek* Thank you for coming
07:26:56 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *smirks* I am happy that I could come here
07:26:58 Tegan Tempest: Go, go eat *smiles*
07:27:18 Tegan Tempest: *moves to hug Storold* Thank you for coming and sharing this day with us.
07:27:21 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles*Congratulations wonderful mrs. Tegan
07:27:37 Storold Doesscha: *Storold returns the hug*
07:27:37 Wren Thendor: This is a big chair
07:28:00 Tegan Tempest: *tugs his hand gently to get him moving towards the food*
07:28:26 Wren Thendor: Thank you for coming *smiles*
07:28:45 Tegan Tempest: *goes to put her bouqet down on the table
07:28:50 Storold Doesscha: Congratulations mister Wren, now you better be nice to her*Winks*I heard that she uses hellballs to keep men in line
07:29:16 Wren Thendor: I have had the honor a few times
07:29:41 Tegan Tempest: *stands upright turning to Wren and Storold* I heard that!
07:29:43 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles*
07:29:47 Storold Doesscha: Uhh
07:29:48 Tegan Tempest: *smiling*
07:29:50 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:30:00 Storold Doesscha: It was Wren!
07:30:11 Lance Stargazer: *Lance pulls the chair for her
07:30:14 Wren Thendor: yes it was *hugs her*
07:30:22 Tegan Tempest: *kisses Wren's cheek, laughing hugging him back
07:30:38 Tegan Tempest: I shall refrain from hell balls, you are hot enough for me.
07:30:47 Wren Thendor: *laughs*
07:31:17 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles*
07:31:19 Wren Thendor: good, I would not want this fine suit to get burned off of me
07:31:28 Wren Thendor: hmmm
07:31:32 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:31:42 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: perhaps she would want that... *grins*
07:31:55 Tegan Tempest: *gently pulls on Wren's tie* So I see Abi got you in pink anyhow.
07:32:12 Wren Thendor: yes yes she won *laughs*
07:32:12 Tegan Tempest: **laughing* Possibly, but not in public.
07:32:40 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles at the couple*
07:33:14 Lance Stargazer: *looks up* Indeed a great ocassion *As he serves some food and drink for him and Ell*
07:33:18 Tegan Tempest: *looks to the head table but looks at where there friends are sitting and motions to her head to Wren to the table*
07:33:33 Wren Thendor: I agree
07:33:50 Wren Thendor: *joins thier firends*
07:34:02 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: oofff, I shouldn't have to eat for a week
07:34:06 Wren Thendor: *holds a seat for tegan*
07:34:37 Tegan Tempest: Thank you *smiles*
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07:34:57 Quantum Windword: *stands with the pillar to his back his long hair covering most of his face watching the guess have fun*
07:35:04 Wren Thendor: it is good to see you all here.
07:35:29 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: thank you, obliged to be here
07:35:30 Storold Doesscha: So how does it feel to be married*Grins*
07:35:45 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: feeling adult yet? *grins*
07:35:48 Lance Stargazer: This indeed makes you forget at least for a day the troubles.  those are good times to remember the good things that life can bring indeed.
07:35:59 Wren Thendor: *raises a glass* To friends and comrads, my... our family
07:36:36 Tegan Tempest: *repeats* Our family.
07:36:57 Storold Doesscha: *Storold raises his glass as well*
07:37:06 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *raises his glass too*
07:37:08 Quantum Windword: *holds up his glass*  May your lives be full
07:37:25 Lance Stargazer: **The couple raise their glasses *
07:37:46 Wren Thendor: *drinks, but not too much*
07:38:29 Tegan Tempest: We want everyone to be happy as we are. *smiles* So that means any heart broken lady that we come across we'll send your way
07:38:45 Storold Doesscha: *Chuckles lightly*
07:38:51 Wren Thendor: hahahah
07:38:59 Storold Doesscha: I am not sure my wonderful sorceress would like that
07:39:18 Tegan Tempest: Oh? *lifting a brow curiously* Storold you have a girl?
07:39:43 Storold Doesscha: *Grins slightly*Yes, miss Clover returned
07:39:50 Wren Thendor: *listens, contently*
07:40:34 Quantum Windword: That is good to hear
07:40:35 Tegan Tempest: How wonderful *nudges Wren* who knows down the road, we may have one these to attend as well.
07:41:06 Wren Thendor: that would be good, *looks over at Abi* maybe two *laughs*
07:41:37 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper I know we agreed no presents, but well I saw this months ago. And if it helps keep you safe, if you do not need it then can sell it. *she puts something in his pocket*
07:41:55 Storold Doesscha: Uhmm.... Maybe
07:42:15 Storold Doesscha: *Looks a little nerveous*
07:42:15 Tegan Tempest: Ahh true.. true *grinning at Abi* Bear is back.
07:42:31 Wren Thendor: [Whisper You are too good to me
07:42:34 Quantum Windword: Bear?
07:43:05 Tegan Tempest: [Whisper *smilings* mutual
07:43:13 Tegan Tempest: Bear **nodding looking back to Q*
07:43:48 Quantum Windword: *looks at Abi*  You need to tell me who this Bear is at a latter date and time..
07:44:50 Micus: Greetings
07:45:02 Tegan Tempest: Uh oh Abi *smiles* Uncle is on the case
07:45:22 Tegan Tempest: *turns to Micus* Hello *smiles8
07:45:52 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: Bear? what bear?
07:45:53 Micus: *smiles at Tegan* Congratulations miss
07:46:07 Quantum Windword: *Leans his head foward alows his hair to move away from his mouth eats a little and lifts his head again*  You know I will be Tegan, maybe take him to the ccccccrypts to show this bear around a bit.
07:46:07 Tegan Tempest: *motions to the buffet in the back* Please there is plenty
07:46:08 Storold Doesscha: Mister Berak
07:46:15 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: ohh
07:46:17 Micus: And to your lucky husbond as well of course
07:46:52 Tegan Tempest: **nods approvingly* Maybe Lance, you and Wren can show him what happens if he breaks Abi's heart.
07:47:14 Tegan Tempest: Thank you  very much.
07:47:16 Storold Doesscha: You could also teach her how to create hellballs*Grins*
07:47:58 Tegan Tempest: I could, but I think three burly men surrounding him with large weapons might be better.
07:48:58 Lance Stargazer: *arches an eyebrow at that* I am sure that with bear won't be much trouble, he has come and go, but they always come together again
07:49:05 Tegan Tempest: How have you been Chak? It has been awhile it feels like.
07:49:23 Storold Doesscha: *Squints eyeing Lance*
07:50:14 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: mmm, I have recently spent some time in the Great Foret now
07:50:22 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: hunting trollocs and so forth
07:50:32 Micus: *Notices Storold at the end of the table and smiles at him*
07:51:08 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles back at Micus*
07:51:14 Quantum Windword: *hugs Tegan, shakes Wrens hand*  You two are very luck to have each other..  I must make my way home.  I told Peanut I would not be gone to long..
07:51:26 Micus: Hello again master Storold, you probably cant remember me, but we met some years ago.
07:51:55 Micus: My name is Micus Sunweaver.
07:51:59 Tegan Tempest: **turns in her chair to rise to give Q a proper hug* Thank you for coming my friend *kissing his cheek* Give Peanut our love to.
07:52:00 Quantum Windword: *Hugs Iellwen and shakes Lances hand*  Bye for now my friend
07:52:31 Storold Doesscha: *Nods slightly to Q*
07:52:34 Lance Stargazer: *The couple stands and each give a hug to him*
07:52:55 Lance Stargazer: Stay close Master . sweet waters and easy waters till we met again .
07:53:04 Quantum Windword: *Nods and wispers*  You take care of wren now, becarefull with him..
07:53:15 Tegan Tempest: *whispers back* I promise.
07:53:38 Quantum Windword: *nods to Storold*  It was good to see you again
07:54:21 Tegan Tempest: Micus you said? How did you meet Storold?
07:54:55 Micus: I happened upon him in the big square in Hempstead. On a bench i believe.
07:55:09 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: heh, the usual phenomenom
07:55:14 Wren Thendor: I was just going to say you met him on a bench
07:55:26 Wren Thendor: *grins*
07:55:31 Micus: *smiles at that*
07:55:48 Wren Thendor: Micus is it?
07:56:01 Micus: *nods* it is
07:56:07 Tegan Tempest: *bites her lip smiling* How I ment Storold I believe as well, a long time ago. A bench in Hlint.
07:56:11 Storold Doesscha: **Shakes his head a little to himself*I am not on a bench now
07:56:24 Wren Thendor: I am Wren, Thank you for coming and sharing this day with us
07:56:36 Wren Thendor: *laughs*
07:56:49 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: Chakar is my name, Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir
07:57:00 Wren Thendor: I met him on a bench in Hlint as well
07:57:11 Micus: It is my pleasure.
07:57:54 Micus: So now the question is: How did you two meet? *looks at Wren and Tegan with a smile*
07:58:01 Storold Doesscha: Hey now, I was bound to be the benchsitter, I promised Kaiser to take his place when he retired
07:58:15 Wren Thendor: *laughs at that*
07:58:37 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: someone has to keep the dust from coming down on the benches *smiles*
07:59:11 Wren Thendor: *to micus* Well we met so very long ago, but it was here in Hlint.
07:59:49 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: ah the good old days, when Hlint was the hub of adventurers
07:59:52 Micus: I heard this town used to be a busy place
07:59:57 Tegan Tempest: *smiles, her mind drifts back* By the old trash can.
08:00:05 Wren Thendor: *grins*
08:00:08 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: cute *grins*
08:00:27 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: was there... "love" in the air? *grins*
08:00:28 Tegan Tempest: *sighs smiling* back in the day yes.
08:00:50 Kian has joined as a player..
08:00:58 Tegan Tempest: *smirks at Chaks words* Back then? No *grins* Mister Hearthrob here.
08:01:07 Wren Thendor: *laughs*
08:01:42 Wren Thendor: I was... a bit busy in those days *grins*
08:02:31 Tegan Tempest: *squeezes his hand* A bit busy huh *teasingly* I bet.
08:02:34 Micus: So you had more an eye to goblins and ogres than pretty ladies eh? *grins*
08:02:47 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: indeed, back in the days I used to harvest herbs for profession *smiles*
08:02:56 Wren Thendor: sure that sounds good
08:03:02 Wren Thendor: *laughs*
08:03:28 Wren Thendor: and trying to dodge fireballs
08:03:46 Tegan Tempest: Which, by the way they were not all coming from me back then.
08:04:00 Wren Thendor: yes not ALL of them
08:04:03 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: *grins*
08:04:20 Micus: Well it seems waiting paid off for you *raises his glass for a toast and winks at them over the rim*
08:04:22 Tegan Tempest: **laughs* I take credit for some of them
08:04:41 Wren Thendor: *raises his glass and laughs*
08:05:15 Tegan Tempest: Sometimes you don't know what you have in front of you.
08:05:26 Lance Stargazer: That is so true  
08:05:36 Wren Thendor: indeed
08:05:39 Tegan Tempest: Till you open your eyes and see what was staring at you the whole time.
08:05:49 Wren Thendor: *hugs Tegan*
08:06:03 Tegan Tempest: *kisses Wren's cheek and hugs him back*
08:06:29 Lance Stargazer: **The couple looks intently at the other , shaking his head*
08:07:38 Wren Thendor: The truth is that we have known eachother for many years but it was not until recently that we found eachother
08:07:45 Storold Doesscha: **Nods a little*
08:07:56 Storold Doesscha: After traveling together in Hilm?
08:08:23 Wren Thendor: yes during the war.
08:08:28 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: aww, be still, my beating heart *slaps humorously at the left side of his own chest*
08:09:17 Micus: Actually i heard about your wedding here because i was looking for a woman called Abigail. Is she by any chance here? *looks around the room*
08:09:20 Wren Thendor: *laughs*
08:09:39 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: she is there, but awfully busy **gestures at the far end of the room*
08:09:56 Wren Thendor: now why are you looking for her?
08:10:12 Lance Stargazer: *he raises his sight with some intrest *
08:10:26 Micus: Ahh *takes a note of her* I will get a chance to talk with her later then.
08:10:34 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: umgh *just barely manages to gulp down the last of the pie*
08:10:47 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: oh my, oh my
08:11:00 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: that was delicious
08:11:05 Tegan Tempest: *whispers to Wren* A suitor perhaps?
08:11:07 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: almost... devilicious *grins*
08:11:09 Wren Thendor: you sure you cant fit one more piece in
08:11:09 Micus: I was hoping she could teach me some skill i seek to master.
08:11:23 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: I am positive of that Wren *grins*
08:11:37 Wren Thendor: *to tegan* I hope not, the poor boy would have to deal with bear
08:11:53 Wren Thendor: and you know how he gets *laughs*
08:12:11 Tegan Tempest: I haven't seen Bear yet, I wonder if he is afraid
08:12:23 Wren Thendor: hahahah
08:12:24 Storold Doesscha: *Smiles*Are you looking for her as a teacher for imbuing your weapon
08:12:39 Wren Thendor: he is still trying to wash the farmer smell off
08:13:01 Micus: I am. *smiles at storold* Actually, years ago you yourself gave me some lessons.
08:13:29 Tegan Tempest: He cannot smell as worse as he did.
08:13:41 Storold Doesscha: *Nods a little*
08:13:45 Storold Doesscha: I taughs many
08:14:02 Storold Doesscha: *Coughs a little*
08:14:07 Storold Doesscha: Taught
08:14:07 Micus: I would be most grateful, and honored of course, if you might be able to help me some more.
08:14:10 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: poor Bear
08:14:21 Wren Thendor: indeed you have storold.
08:14:35 Wren Thendor: *gets up to go talk with some other guests*
08:15:34 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: ah yes, that gives me a lame excuse of an excuse
08:15:44 Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir: thank you all for your company
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General Discussion / A serious discusion about rules and spirit.
« on: June 20, 2011, 04:25:08 pm »
I was talking with another player who is relatively new to the community and I was surprised at the lack of understanding of the spirit of Layonara. For those of us that have been here for many years and have transitioned through the many changes of the structure of Layo it has been a evolution in thinking. But to newer players there is not that foundation in the past. I think this is why every few years we run into the "but just tell me the rules" type of threads (I wrote a few myself). As I see it the team really does not want to write up a comprehensive set of rules covering every aspect of play. I think they went far out of the way not to do so. As Dorg and many others like to say if it feels wrong then dont do it. But while that works for players steeped in Layo history I am seeing it does not work for newer players. So I am opening this discussion for us to talk about what is the spirit of Layo? How do you see it as a player? and What do you do to support that spirit?

I will start by listing a few things as I see them:

1. Playing does not = getting XP
Yes NWN is a goal driven system but Layo does not have to be.
2. If a RP session is spontaneously happening go with it.
Yes it means that sometimes (hopefully most times) you wont be running off to kill things. But you will spend time talking about the events of the world or developing some depth to your PC. Interrupting a RP session or breaking away from one to go get XP is in my opinion not in the spirit of Layo.
3. Witty banter while running around killing things is super light weight RP at its best.
Take the time to stop and talk and enjoy the stories and company of who you are with. Of course there are times when you are just trying to barrel your way out of the deep so you don't have to log out down there :P.
4. Do interesting things with your PC when developing it.
You don't have to build a super perfect build every time.
5. Power leveling is not, again in my opinion, in the spirit of Layo.
It is not a race to 40th level. I know that at times many of us get caught up in that race but every level and stage is fun.

I have more to say but this is a start. I am trying to give the newer players insight into what each of us feels the spirit of Layo is.

The Dragon Storm Campaign / Stormcry Hollows
« on: May 13, 2011, 12:28:04 am »
//Planting this thread to start the conversation on planning for the strike team. Please list here if you are going on it and what PC you are bringing. Then we can have a virtual round table chat.
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General Discussion / Big thanks to Dezza
« on: April 26, 2011, 02:47:31 pm »
I know when the plot quest concludes that we will all stand up a applaud Dezza for his works. I want to stand up in the middle of the chaos and say that the job he is currently doing is nothing short of amazing. He seems tireless in this effort. Dezza not only creates engaging write ups but he incorporates the endless stream of PC actions into every write up, which tells me he is also reading and replying to what must be a mountain of PMs. One of the great things that Dezza is doing with these write up is in how he portrays each PC so true to how they are played.

My deepest thanks go out to you Dezza for your work, creativity, and the energy you are putting into this effort.

General Discussion / wont be around for the next few days
« on: March 16, 2011, 05:57:36 pm »
Wont be on Thursday to Sunday. See you all after that.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Wren goes to see Steel
« on: February 23, 2011, 10:33:11 am »
It was a long trip back. I hope Raz has already spoke with you. But in case he did not make it. I wanted to let you know, we found it. Everyone did a great job, we got in and out without them knowing we discovered its location. Jil, Drexia, Ferrit, Raz, Viper, and I it was a good team everyone worked well together. Your Viper did a great job, by the way. Is the strike team ready?
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Wren returns to Blackford
« on: February 23, 2011, 10:25:20 am »
*Wren presents himself at Blackford and asks to see Danielle. He waits as long as it takes knowing that she may be far off and of course very busy. When he does get to see her he smiles*

I don't know of Raz spoke with you already but I wanted to make sure you had the information. *he pauses* We found it.

*he waits*
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / travel time becoming a real burden
« on: February 05, 2011, 04:33:49 pm »
Any ideas on dealing with the challenge of a small player population and the amount of play time lost trying to get a party together to RP/bash/do anything?

I get an hour or two here and there, and often lose 45 to 60 mins just trying to get everyone in one place and to some starting point. The major chunk of this time is just in getting from one place to another. To top it off that time is not even RP opportunity time since all you are trying to do is get as fast as you can from point A to point B. It is just totally lost time for everything.

Thoughts folks?
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Ask A Gamemaster / Questions for Dezza :)
« on: January 23, 2011, 12:16:28 am »
Quote from: Dezza
Barely hours after the announcement of Molvaren of Kuhl intentions, the armies of Kuhl have begun to move.

With the cooperation of Nesar soldiers, Kuhl have set up outposts near  Nith, Orin and Rin to support local Nesar soldiers which are securing  the docks, warehouses and towns. This move has effectively given them  complete control of all the ports on the western side of Belinara.

Does the above mean that the port of Nith is taken? and thus cut off from access.

Quote from: Dezza
Queen Louise Maillard of Nesara has officially closed Arnax to any and all nations or faiths that ally themselves against Kuhl.

Does the above mean that Arnax is closed by portal and boat?

Quote from: Dezza
Shocking news!!!!!!!

In a suprise to many a huge Kuhl army has crossed the border into the  Nation of Hilm and is marching on Sundance. The attack took border  guards by suprise as wave after wave of Myrdrachs flew over their  positions on the border and ground troops simply mowed down any who  stood before them. It was a complete rout with many Hilm soldiers unable  to withdraw fast enough before being overrun by the superior armies  assaulting them.

Already people are desperately trying to evacuate Sundance before the  forward units of the Kuhl army arrive. At this stage, with allied forces  not even formulised and without a leader to draw everyone together the  worst fears are that within a day or so Sundance will belong to the  enemy.

Does the above mean that Hilm is cut off as well?

thanks for the help :)
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Rumour Has It / Wren in conversation with Kylie
« on: January 14, 2011, 05:46:09 pm »
I cant tell you the details as to why I must ask this of you. But there is a chance that I may be gone soon. If for any chance I vanish I am charging you with care of the house in Nith. I ask that you hold it in trust until such a time as any of The Network come to claim it. Please keep this between us, even this much information can put you at risk. If you have no questions I will accept your handshake as your bond.

One more thing, how is that order of spirits going? Remember I need as many as you can make with as much variety as possible. If possible don't wax seal the corks.
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Ask A Gamemaster / #4 in the "How useful is" series - Blind fighting
« on: January 01, 2011, 11:25:04 am »
A great feat and one that every melee class should consider. But I have a question or two on it:

Does it allow a re-roll on misses caused by spells like premonition?

Does it negate bonus to hit from bad guys using HIPS tactics?
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*Posted for all to see*

To any hearty adventurers that wish to test the limits of their skills.

I would like to put together a trip up into the Great Spikes to delve into a little known place.

I will be getting ready to head north over the next few weeks, send word if you would like to join me.

//No date set but I would like to go this weekend. Saturday or Sunday let me know times that work for you if you want to go. This is a deadly trip anyone under 25th level could die just by being in the area :P
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General Discussion / locking plot quests
« on: September 06, 2010, 12:05:09 am »
I understand wanting to lock a quest to a particular group but with the small size of our community and the mainly adult demographic, (meaning that for most of us game time is not the priority of our lives) I dont think that plot quests should ever be locked.

We are playing a fantasy game where we RP, so it is not much of a stretch to just RP who was/is/has been there. Heck it happens all the time for people that make one session but cant make the next (locked or not). So why lock them at all?  I mean if you have to RP why MR X is no longer on the boat in the middle of nowhere with you, why cant you RP that MS Z has been there the whole time?
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Wren goes to Khul again.
« on: June 30, 2010, 11:03:59 pm »
As before, Wren travels to Kuhl. He goes dressed  in plain but nice clothes and poses as a solder turned merchant. He  goes to spend time among the people and get a feel for what they are  feeling. He will frequent inns, taverns, merchant halls, and temples to  see what he can learn. He does not overly question people but strikes up  polite conversation and sees where it leads. He uses what Ferrit has taught to "blend" into the darker parts of the  cities he visits. He will also try to take note of city defenses and any troop movements. But he is not scouting, he is more getting a feel for life in khul and picking up any rumors off the street. Wren was once part of the Network and from them learned how to gather information while not really trying to be covert.

In his travels he will visit as many cities (Sulkin, Ash, Phal, Tammil, Tulam, Westgate, Zolinar, Amaria, and Vilsa) as he can make it to in three months of travel.

//This is in joint effort with the actions from this thread
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General Discussion / GS bug, man that is one nasty bug!
« on: April 12, 2010, 12:01:28 am »
So I got the GS bug for the first time just a few nights ago. I used a dust and was in GS. The other PC with me cast GS on himself. All was fine, we were making our way past many bad guys (heading to a safe spot to log out for the night). Then out of nowhere after passing a whole bunch of bad guys and going through five plus areas one bad guy just decided to attack me and after that ALL the bad guys attacked me. I even tried to use a second dust but the effect was the same. This is a nasty nasty bug. I did die but did not get a DT. But I did think about how messed up this bug is.
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