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Author Topic: Corso Escapes!  (Read 1729 times)


Corso Escapes!
« on: March 29, 2021, 12:12:06 pm »
After more than a year of raiding the roads and coasts of the Liwich, Boyer, and Sedera Kingdoms, the brigand known as Corso met his demise at the hands of a motley and determined crew of bounty hunters in the employ of the Liwich Kingdom. Death wasn't enough to end him, however, if the stories are to be believed. The bounty hunters claim that Corso is stonebound, and he subsequently has escaped prison for the time being.

Liwich and Boyer authorities further claim to have confirmed the bounty hunters' story after examining Corso's former hideout. And despite Corso's escape, his small army of pirates, thieves, and mercenaries has been disbanded or slain, and his ships and supplies confiscated. Angela Liwich considers this a win, though she is purportedly still in the market for skilled trackers to find and capture Corso.

//// A little late in posting this, but my last week suddenly got whacky busy and I'm just now catching my breath. Feel free to RP in this thread, and yes, eventually there will be further quests involving the attempt to capture the stonebound criminal Corso. Thank you to everyone that attended, and I apologize for the sudden disappearance right at the end, and for all the various hiccups along the way. It was my first NWN quest to run in a rather long time, and I had to relearn some things along the way, heh. //////
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Re: Corso Escapes!
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//first or, THANK YOU! for running this quest series. I know it wasn't your intention for it to go on to 4 days of questing, but it was really great!//

Creed tries to keep in touch with his new found contact in Hurm about the situation and letting them know that he is still available to search for Corso.
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Re: Corso Escapes!
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Once Lia hears news of Angela's further interest, she thinks to herself, 'I wonder how many more favors I can attain from our notable pirate queen.'

She then considers quietly, "Perhaps Eileanora does have reason to fear me.  I will have to start getting cozy with her."
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Meanwhile, in Falls Forest...
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...a pair of rangerly eyes watches from the undergrowth, surveying the comings and goings of a renown bandit hideout. They are particularly attentive for orcish minions as a sign of the return of their previous master.