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Num, Num, Num, Yummy!
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:20:28 pm »
A distraught mother and father have lost their 8 year old child! They stepped out of their Fort Vehl workshop/home to run some errands, locked the doors, and came home to a blood stain on the floor and no sign of their daughter. They are offering a 5,000 True reward for information leading to the recovery of their child. //Quest posted to calendar - Saturday 10/31/2015 12:00pm - 3:00pm PST. This will be 99% roleplay and a mystery/investigation. Meet in Fort Vehl. Feel free to engage in some basic forum RP for some extra Quest XP and to set yourself up for the quest, but be advised that there will be little to no investigation allowed in the forum... it will need to be done in-game and in the allotted time frame. If you have any questions, please give me a shout.-Rave

*Ceviran walks around Fort
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*Ceviran walks around Fort Vehl when he hears news of the missing child*

*he whispers to himself* 

A missing child, and a faceless body, I fear there is something most dark in Fort Vehl. I can only hope I find the child before it is too late...,



A somewhat ugly greyish
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A somewhat ugly greyish coloured Deep Gnome slowed his otherwise brusque step. 'Fort Vehl is what it is' he thought 'and yet..a child...had not he been a child lost in the Deep and rescued by Gnomes. But Vehl. Time was running out for the distraught parents, he could see that. Was he not a champion of time, a servant of good deeds. Had he not saved time itself, hard to be sure what those engineers clever fellows had really done.' He had stopped now looking back at the pair stood in the street. He turned back."Gnomes shall under pin this effort - Fear not good people..we will prevail!" He walks back towards the terrified pair, his ugly untrusting demenour likely doing little to reassure them and yet rescue was maybe at hand. Precious time would tell.



Vorlich joined some others
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Vorlich joined some others responding to the cries for help - in Vehl you take what you get likely and it was a mixed bunch but Vorlich was probably still the ugliest. The household had all that was expected - fair to summarise they had their respective issues. It did not go entirely well, but the damage was mostly done before the first cry for help was issued. Vorlich could hold on to that thought surely.

Eventually they uncovered an unwelcome guest, a rather gruesome living  chest which had eaten the missing child. It tried it's best with the adventurers too. The parents survived the fight but not their housekeeper. Notwithstanding the unwelcome guest it appeared that the mother was trying to poison the housekeeper with a local candyman's poisoned wares. He in turn was not a very nice person. Vorlich opted to leave the confines of the city before reporting this matter via the Temple of Toran. The circumstances suggesting it may not be safe to report anything so troubling locally. Just another day in the big City, Vorlich gladly left it far behind.



Vorlich’s report was received
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Vorlich’s report was received by Tarin, a cleric at a small Toranite Chapel in the outskirts of the dirty and corrupt city of Fort Vehl. After the Ugly Deep Gnome departed, Tarin quickly delivered the information to two particular Paladins of the Order of the Longsword stationed at the chapel. After reading through the report they head into the city and locate the candy vendor. After a brief and violent struggle he is arrested and transported out of Fort Vehl and detained for further questioning.