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Looking around after so many years
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:35:20 am »
Good Day,     Nostalgia hit me recently and I wanted to see how my old favorite server has been doing.  It's been almost 10 years now since I last stepped foot in the world of layonara and I'm honestly surprised I remember my password.  For those curious, I used to play a mouthy seductress named Lia Di'Makiir.     Times have changed a lot for me and I honestly don't know if I have enough time to get back into the game, but a lot of my young adult life and growing up happened throughout my time here and I wanted to see how the server has grown.  I remember talk about a seperate project for an MMO, how is that project going?     Anyways I'm enjoying myself just reading up on the lore again and recent events.  I'll be browsing the forums for awhile yet as I determine whether I should jump in or not.     Have a nice day.
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I remember you vaguely.  I
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I remember you vaguely.  I think you left about the same time I started with a Rofireinite fighter, Daniel Poetr.There aren't as many players these days obviously despite my best efforts to repopulate with Poetrs :P.  Your best bet for group play is to attend one of the infrequent quests or to post your presence online in the forums.  Usually a few who will jump in to play if some kind of notice is given.

As for world history, the best place to catch up on that is the Aragenite temple at Bydell Castle in Alindor (formerly Rilara).  There are magic mouths that touch upon most of the major highlights of world history and it gives XP too.

All that said, there have been quite a few changes to the world.  It all starts now in Center, a trading village between Hempstead and Wayfare. 

Hope to see you in game.




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Hello, I remember your
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Hello, I remember your username and icon from calvin and hobbs,

I never ran with Lia that i can remember but started at the same time as you. I did the same as you months ago and got interested on Layo again after so many years out and I must say the playability has improved some new areas and still has the great RP. I started a new character and enjoyed it.

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Ideally, I would probably
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Ideally, I would probably make a new character too, but like to have access to my old ones as well.  I think part of the reason I would return to play is that the stories felt incomplete and the best place to put things to a final end is from the source of their beginning.

I am still unsure if I want to return yet though, I don't even know where my NWN discs are and I don't know if I want to buy it again through GoG (I think GoG is the only one that supplies the digital copy now).



It's a cheap buy and the
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It's a cheap buy and the reward is returning to honor the players who have continued on and to grace us with your appearance



Lol, no need for flatery.  I
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Lol, no need for flatery.  I actually just recently found all my discs in neat order with the cd keys nicely tucked in with them.  I'm surprised on how organized I was then.

Who are the DM's currently around to quickly send messages to about character idea's and concepts?



Hi LFFF and welcome back.If
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Hi LFFF and welcome back.

If you're interested in discussing ideas for character issues the best place is to just post directly here:

If there some thing that you would like to discuss more privately, you could check the GM roster in the same forum I just linked and contact one of the GMs there. Currenly I'm the only active character approver so I'm a reasonable person to poke but most of the GMs should be able to  help you hash out details.




Hello, I remember your
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Hello, I remember your character name, but dont think Gunther ever adventured with you.  Or if he did, it was years ago and I just dont recall.  In any case, I just redownloaded the game and am getting started again after a few years absence.



Thank you!  You should find
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Thank you!  You should find me online every now and then doing crafting runs usually.  I'm almost on every Fridays Round Robin as well.  I stopped playing here in about 2006 and decided to have a peak in after so many years and now I'm playing a recreation/continuation story of my main character.