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The Dragon Storm Campaign / As the dust settles...
« on: November 02, 2012, 08:09:14 pm »
For many years now the realm of Belinara has been beset by enemies, an almost constant barrage of chaos and disharmony. But, as the dust settles from the latest engagements a relative calm appears. Perhaps it is more the case that the populations of those nations directly affected have had their full of uncertainty, of blood and of war, or perhaps its because there are few left willing to fight, or even simpler, the resources no longer remain and those nations need time to lick their wounds and recover.

Whatever the reason, once the dragon wars are declared over Hilm begins the long and arduous task of rebuilding their shattered nation. In the north the lands ruined by Molvarens vast horde from the Cult invasion are slowly but surely reclaimed and resown, vast sections of the city outside Castle Hilm are slowly rebuilt, new trade lines re-opened.

Around Briardusk Hilm establishes an active training camp, the goal to show Molvaren across the border in Kuhl that the hilmites have not forgotten their original mandate, to oust Molvaren completely and restore Queen Langovale to the throne, a goal however that seems more fleeting with each passing day as Molvaren shuts Kuhl down almost completely to any outside influences while he slowly and quietly regains his strength. So to the Raelites remain on land given to them outside Briardusk, by the Hilmite authorities for their service during the war and in protecting Briardusk from Molvaren during the Dragon War. They slowly build a settlement and keep to themselves mainly but their presence, over five thousand of them also gives cause for Hilm and Molvaren to consider them carefully.

In the south, for years to come the Hilmite forces based in Sundance will be flushing out remnants of the Orsgaunt Horde from the civilised centres of the landscape and driving them back to the mountains or hunting them down. Their predations will cause the south to rebuild slowly and often face difficuties but, pending any further incidents they will recover and begin to work towards their former levels of conditions before Molvaren tore the nation apart.

In the Siphe Principality, tensions between Lord Alexander and the fledgling nation will remain a primary source of concern that may in time be eased with the relationship that seems to have developed between the former Kuhl General and now Sovereign Lord of the Siphe Principality, Jaedon Siphe and the Commander of the Toranite armies of Belinara and Chamion of Toran's Divine Will, Daniella Stormhaven. Many hope there can be a reconciling so that all can work towards a common goal, time will tell. Certainly the actions of Sir Lance Stargazer, Commander of Hilms Armies and Second in command of Hilm behind Lord Alexander have shown that he is more moderate in his tolerance of Sovereign Lord Siphe and is trying to bring both parties to an agreement of mutual tolerance as well.

And as the dust settles over the Roughlands, all evidence of Shadrixkayl's forces fade away but there are times when travellers, adventurers or hardy merchants are crossing regions of the landscape and an odd mist will arise threateningly and forebodingly before once again dissipating as if in warning of a time to come.

Above the Orsgaunt mountains to the north east of the Principality, the lands now claimed by the Dread Red Dragon Ractrafiorez there is nothing heard of the great dragon. It was not present for the final battles against Shadrixkayl, nor seen any time thereafter. Rumours began that the dragon, severely wounded after the battle in the Cult war against the Drach Ori occupiers of Briardusk had finally succumbed to the injury and returned to his lair high and deep within the Orsgaunt mountains to rest and recuperate. Certainly any seeking the dragons treasure were met with fierce fire giants, far more powerful and deadly that any previously known to inhabit the dangerous peaks. These giants called themselves Ractrafiorens, servants of Ractrafiorez.

Slowly, surely those soldiers of other nations stationed in Hilm following the end of the war with the Cult returned to their lands around the world to welcomes of varying degrees. The famine that had hit the world following the Cult wars had faded to some degree but not entirely gone away, many did not know if it was truly gone or simply held at bay for the moment.

Many nations around the world still had their own domestic troubles to deal with;

Boyer on Dreger is struggling to recover after infiltration by Pyrtechonite cultists and a deadly plague that decimated whole villages.

Taur'en on Alindor was struggling to come to terms with its own internal upheavals.

The Golden Alliance on Dreger was suffering badly from the predations of criminal elements undermining the safety and stability of the lose alliance of cities.

Sederra on Dreger continued to struggle to rebuild their shattered nation from the debris left over from the Cult wars.

Succession on Dreger has fallen into stagnation and the nations economy barely struggles to tick over. If not for the support from Rael there are fears the nation might dissolve into civil war in the not too distant future.

Rumours from the distant Elven nation of Voltrex indicate they are struggling with a dark elven incursion in their lands and the attacks of a heretofore unknown black dragon.

But it is not all doom and gloom, some nations have rebounded strongly after the Cult wars and while Belinara was still emrboiled in dragon trouble they had managed to slowly pull themselves together.

Erilyn continued to go from strength to strength, their power growing on Alindor.

The nations within Corsain and Tilmar have built in strength and power in their region.

The nations on Mistone have recovered well since the war and each nation is stable and growing again.

Liwich on Dreger, with the greatly diminished threat of the Silver Crescent has established strong trading ties to many nations and is once again becoming a hub of sea trade for the world.

And of course Rael continues to do what Rael does and slowly but surely tendrils of influence reach out touching other nations.
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Rumour Has It / General information and rumors
« on: October 14, 2012, 01:09:57 pm »
As time has passed the lands affected by famine have fallen into a holding pattern.  All urban growth has stopped and towns and cities have begun to recede in size.  Without a  stable food supply and loss of tax base due to migration, urban and suburban centres cannot function and there has been a return to the small sustainable villages and farming establishments.

Crops and livestock on a small scale are easier to protect and do not seem to wither to the extent of larger fields.   Population numbers are falling as families are having fewer surviving children due to the effects of poor nutrition and choice as well as migration to unaffected areas.  Armies and militias are also decreasing in numbers.

Depending on the dominant social system, those with wealth and power still have no problem obtaining the products they need, it just costs them more.  Dissidence is growing in the lower classes of some social systems where wealth is not shared and the those that hold power care little for the poor and middle classes.

The opposite holds true for those areas not effected by the famine.  Urban centres are booming and their populations are growing due to migration. Agriculture is expanding to support this population and export growth.  Wealth is being accumulated at all social levels for the most part and leaders are popular.  The trade in slave labour in the realms that permit and encourage such are  booming as disaffected and indebted peoples are falling victim to human trafficking.  Indentured servitude is also on the rise as the poor trade freedom for food. This cheap and bountiful labour source is also helping the growth of the all industry in prosperous areas, especially forestry,agriculture and mining.  Land and real estate in other kingdoms is being bought up as it becomes available.

Dark elf raids continue to plague the land at a rate far higher than what used to be considered the norm. Vale lies in ruins with only a few hardy souls still calling the area home.  There has been little to be done about rebuilding. Clover is desolate except for that one house that was not effected.  It too seems to lie empty and still.  No one was left to rebuild. Goblins and bugbears have taken advantage of the situation and their numbers are on the rise.  

Peoples around the Forest of Fog did marshal together a militia and with the help of Rael the Benevolent and his army.  With the aid of a mercenary tracker they were able to discover an entrance to the deep where most of the raids had been mounted from.  A battle ensued where many lives were lost but the entrance was completely collapsed.  There are rumours that the Rael troops captured a demon horse and its rider and they were taken away.  All sources in the Rael establishment deny any such thing other than the successful battle occurred.

It is also rumoured that several ruling powers in affected areas formed a council to share information and  attempt to determine the cause and stop and hopefully reverse the effects of the famine. Authorities from several faiths and fields of study were invited to join.  Citing security reasons, little has been said about what has been discovered.  An observational telescope was erected on the slopes of Cyclops peak to watch the Red Eyes formation in the night sky.  They have gradually increased in brightness and size over time while other star formations have dimmed.  The number of stars in Lucinda's group has fallen to the lowest count in several centuries.

The peoples of Krandor are worried that civic leaders and tavern owners Connor Garvill and AnnaLee have not been seen in some time.  They were headed on a trip to Alindor and sources in Mariner's Hold confirm they arrived there but they have not been seen since entering the Wolfswood forest well over a year ago.
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Layonara Server / Update coming soon -- Important Information
« on: October 06, 2012, 09:08:06 pm »
Hey all,

There's an update coming soon, and for this one you'll need two new files. You can download and extract them now so that you're prepared when the update actually hits. As usual, they are not yet linked on the Downloads page. Here are the direct links:


The second thing I want to note is that I'm going to have to do some maintenance and additional steps at the same time, so the servers will be down for longer than usual while I take care of all of it.  I'll mention this again as the update is finalized, and I'll post a planned schedule for the update so everyone can plan accordingly.
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Rumour Has It / Messages arrive...
« on: September 18, 2012, 05:24:27 pm »
... at locations where known adventurers and sell-swords can be found. It's said the messages are in leather cases, sealed in wax, and stamped with three S's. It's also noted that some of those that receive these messages make immediate plans to leave town, kingdom, and continent. A few of them also visit with the guarantor of their last will and testament before leaving town.
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Just for Fun / If you've ever had a dog...
« on: September 04, 2012, 04:49:21 pm »
You'll appreciate this

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Layonara Server / Promotional Badges
« on: August 23, 2012, 08:12:27 pm »
Here are the first edition promotional badges.

When placed in a signature or in email they are active link to the  Layonara home page.  Many of you are active on other sites and you can  use them on those forums to show your Layo spirit

To use - copy the text as it appears into the signature section of the forums
On these forums it is My Account/Edit Signature

Layo Logo









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General Discussion / Travels with Gunder
« on: August 23, 2012, 04:09:46 pm »
//I put an event on the Player Event Calendar for Friday evening Pacific time for those who'd like to join me for adventure and some great RP.  I'll be free to play most of the weekend since the Mrs. is traveling so times are negotiable and possibilities are endless *grins*.  See you soon!
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Layonara Server / Promotional Posters
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:41:12 pm »
These are two posters I have made to help promote the Layonara website and the game.  They can be downloaded from the downloads section as 300dpi 4800x6000 files that will print out fairly well at 16x20 or smaller.
(download section under optional downloads)
They are my contribution to helping to build the community.  I have printed out several and put them in the local comic book shops, game shops and one in the local library. I hope you will do the same.

Coming soon are web badges you can use to show your Layo spirit and perhaps generate some web traffic.



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Just for Fun / Snack Time
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:11:16 pm »
Just for Fun

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General Discussion / Katherian Quest
« on: August 20, 2012, 03:58:33 pm »
Anyone interested in a quest line to take place in Katherian.  It would be easier treaded by non-good alignments, but open to whomever.  Its focus would be on political espionage, cloak and dagger, power and prestige type pursuits.

It would likely be a bi-weekly quest line, with as much taking place between sessions as during them.  In fact the session at some point may wait until prompting by character actions.

I imagine it would involve 1-4 groups of PC's working together or in opposition to some degree in the same city of politics.   Each attempting to makes gains for themselves and their 'faction'

So the question is, who is interested in such a quest line and has a character appropriate for such pursuits?  Feel free to also mention when you'd most favor the quest line run, weekdays/weekends  EST morning/afternoon/evening?

Thanks for reading
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Increased military presence
« on: August 03, 2012, 11:53:10 am »
It has been noted by scouts and patrols that there is an increased military presence inside of Kuhl on the portions of its borders closest to the Roughlands. Many theories abound as to the reason for the build-up. Authorities on this side of the border are taking a "wait and see" posture, but between the strange mist over the Roughlands and this new development, the mood is both dire and tense in the region.
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Just for Fun / PSA about leveling up
« on: July 26, 2012, 05:35:38 pm »

[SIZE=32]Just because you leveled up doesn't mean you can kill the monster now.

Thank you for viewing, the poster will resume his lurking, awaiting for a solid return to Layo. :U

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General Discussion / Dragging Monsters
« on: July 20, 2012, 02:12:41 pm »
Please don't drag monsters around boards. I understand that sometimes you don't notice they saw you, but please try to be aware. I recently lost 5000 and some odd going from center to wayfare, and was killed by a monster that really shouldn't have been in the town, it would have had to come across 2 boards to get to where it hit me. Just a friendly reminder.
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Rumour Has It / Disturbance at the Arms.
« on: June 26, 2012, 03:13:55 pm »
Knight Captain Daniel Poetr was seen entering the Arms early evening.  Patrons at the bar tell a mixed story of him holding hands with the barmaid (and rumored witch seer) Rose and speaking both forcefully and quietly for hours in the common room with a couple other adventurers nearby.
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Layonara Server / Housing sweep -- One Week Warning -- Everyone Read
« on: June 19, 2012, 12:13:07 am »
OK, after much delay (and some forgetfulness), I've gone ahead and done my own sweep of housing. This is a pretty simple sweep, based solely on activity level. To be specific, if the owner of a house has not logged in within the last 12 months, I have added that house to the following list:

On West:
[/table]On Central:
[/table]Check these lists carefully.  If you still maintain access to one of these houses, you will need to either make arrangements to buy the house, present a solid reason for a transfer or vacate any possessions you wish to keep that may reside within.  Otherwise, the homes will be released back to the market starting in about a week.

For any homes that should not be released, post below with the following:

Character Name:
Proposed action:

For clarity, this is not for people to start bidding or making a case for houses.  This is an avenue for people with an existing legitimate claim to a particular house to assert that for consideration. For example, if the house was owned by your character's spouse but the player has left or the spouse has permed, this would constitute a legitimate claim.  There are other possibilities, of course, and they will be evaluated on a case-by-case.  

If you are just trying to get in line to buy a house, I will not entertain any such requests here.  Anyone without some reasonable claim can attempt to purchase a house through the in-game process.

When these houses do go back on the market, please have some consideration for other players before snatching up houses simply for more guild/personal storage, and please observe the "one house per character" request, in letter and spirit (i.e. a pair of spouses don't need a pair of houses). Give everyone a shot at the beneficial opportunities that player housing offers.
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General Discussion / Happy Father's Day
« on: June 17, 2012, 12:22:20 pm »
[SIZE=32]Happy Father's Day all you dads out there![/SIZE]
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Rumour Has It / The Twin Dragon Inn
« on: June 14, 2012, 12:50:23 pm »
[SIZE=18]*workers can be seen dismantling one of the large statues in the inn, preparing the site for a new one. Tyrian refuses to tell the workers what will replace it*[/SIZE]
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Layonara Server / Version 3.30.9 is online!
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:43:03 pm »
[SIZE=24]Version 3.30.9 is online![/SIZE]

 Hello all, this one has been a little long in coming, but better late than never.
As mentioned a few weeks ago, there are updated HAK and TLK file required for this update.
  • Fixed damage calculation for     Darkfire/Flame Weapon where arcane PrCs come into play.
  • Fixed the drop for the Lord of     Le'tennodin to be more in line with server balance.
  • Tileset fix to battlements on     Bydell Castle and other locations that use that same tileset.
  • Fixed Alexei Petrovickiy's deity     and subrace
  • Tileset edge fix in “+City/Rural     Builder Base” tileset, specifically for Windjammer Bay
  • Tileset edge fix in “Rural”     tileset, specifically for Hlint Outskirts East
  • Tileset edge fix in “Mirkwood     Swamps” tileset, specifically for Battlehelm Moors
  • Fixed missing PrC constant
New stuff:
  • Ni'Haer's     WLDQ reward (!)
Not much new this time that most people will notice, but stay tuned.  There's likely to be some new in the next one.
 Thanks this time to Script Wrecked (who did most of it) as well as everyone who made suggestions or bug reports.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Nesar's response to Siphe
« on: June 08, 2012, 06:07:03 am »
Even as a horde of heavily armed Fire Giants wend their way through Siphe Castle down in Arnax a phalanx of fifty Heavy Lancers of the Dark Guards stands at attention before the palace of Queen Maillard. In their centre is a heavily decorated carriage containing the Queens second oldest daughter of 16 years, Princess Shey'kar. The Elite Lancers stand at attention next to their mounts which are wearing darkened leather barding and red steel bridles, bits and accoutrements. Each Lancer holds upright a tall lance with a pennant on the end of them bearing the emblem of Nesar.

Queen Maillard gazes out over them, numerous court functionaries gathered around her. A mage casts some cantrips and when the Queen speaks her voice carries clearly to everyone gathered there.

"You, chosen men of the Dark Guards, I give unto you the safety of my daughter, one of my own blood. She is to be delivered to the Siphe Principality, unharmed, or not one, not ten, but all of your lives are forfeit. Not even all your blood combined is as precious to me as my daughters blood, nor as powerful. Fail me in this and after your lives are sacrificed I shall hand what remains to the temple in the city to do with as they will. Succeed and you will be richly rewarded. Four years you are to remain there as her guards. None are to touch her, she is Lord Siphes and Lord Siphes alone. Now go and fulfill your mission."

As one the Dark Guards raise their lances high and chant in unison "All Hail the Queen, All hail Nesar."

The courtyard then becomes a hive of activity as the fifity Lancers mount up and the column began its journey northwards.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Hilm's response on the Principality
« on: June 08, 2012, 05:51:00 am »
In Hilm Castle life goes on for all those in the sprawing urban city that surrounds the mighty battlements of the Castle. Once a bastion of good against demon forces in a land beset by demons, now a political stone around which much of Belinara is chained to,

At the centre of that political hub Lord Alexander, and his right hand man Sir Lance Stargazer struggle on a daily basis to provide stability to the oft troubled region.

Even now almost a year after the fall of Brairdust and the defeat of Molvaren outside of Castle Hilm large half empty camps set up for the war to house allied forces still remain on the chance that the war might continue. Nations that havent gotten around to withdrawing their forces or simply havent enough money to withdraw them and instead have left them to feed off the supplies of Hilm.

For the people, apart from the building campaigns around the city to restore damaged sections of the castle and city beyond life has almost returned to a sense of normality. The belief that Hilm still has a war to fight against Kuhl almost a forgotten thing.

Changes in the political landscape forced on Hilm by the obtaining of a section of Hilm by Lord Jaedon Siphe have taken priority with Lord Alexander and Sir Lance eager to shore up Siphes loyalties to them.

As such, even as a fully equipped horde of Fire Giants move through Siphe Castle carrying mysterious glowing blocks of stone Hilm's next move is underway.

Through a side gate in the southern wall of the Castle proper, which bypasses the city streets, a column of Hilm cavalry dotted with Toranites and Rofireinites thunders towards the southern road. The heavy escort being for several dignatories on route to the Siphe principality. The primary banners at the front of the column of two score cavalry are those of Hilm, Toran, Rofirein and the House of Kalgarl. A prominant house in Hilm with close ties to the leadership. At the front of the column one of the dignatories is recognised as Lord Hrathan Kalgarl himself. He is accompanied by his daughter, who, in her late 20's, has served loyally in the Hilm military for the last six years and even participated in the defence of Hilm Castle fighting in the Fifth Northside regulars.

Locals pause in their daily routines to give the column mild interest as he quickly leaves the surrounds of Castle Hilm and begins to make its way south.

Atop the battlement itself Lord Alexander and Sir Lance stand watching the column head south.
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