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Layonara Server / Important Server issue -- PLEASE READ!
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:57:22 pm »
Hello All,We've had an issue where the server got abruptly filled up by rogue events filling up event logs. We went from 20GB free to zero in under two (2) days due to logs filling up. This resulted in the server start-up problems we experienced tonight but it also caused some other unfortunate side-effects.To be specific, there's five characters which have fallen victim to this and may be unrecoverable by the means we have at our disposal.Pegasus55 - Michael
knightsfollytoo - Charlie Poetr
Erin Inman - Rebecca Poetr
Serissa1 - Katelyn Poetr
Borbre Barradok - Flint FireforgeWe recommend strongly that these characters do not try to log in until directed to do so by a GM who is assisting in the recovery/rebuild effort.There may be nothing we can do to directly restore these characters to their most recent state, as our backups have been overwritten by invalid files. However, we do have a record of their XP, completed static quests, etc., and we will work with the affected players to rebuild these characters to the closest approximation of their previous state as we can.As with the previous, similar incident, we encourage those affected to open a grievance request to start the process to get things set back to how they should be.We regret the inconvenience this may cause, and we'll work with you as much as we can. 
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Development Journals and Discussion / Behind the Mask
« on: July 14, 2016, 04:45:31 pm »

The mask is a sancutary and a curse; an item of comfort and yet also an item of misery. Of course, the true curse is my herritage. Of course, without it I would not be who I am. Without my father's blood on my hands, would I have been driven to be a warrior, to be an adventurer? If I had been born on the surface, I could have just as easliy become a fat, lazy merchant with no motivation to do anything more than buy and sell meaningless goods.

It's my dark elven herritage that has made me who I am today, but at what cost? The cost of the trust of those who I could be close to? Becca Poetr... A decent fighter and someone I could call a friend if it wasn't for the fact that she has yet to see my face, has yet to learn my secret. I haven't a clue how she may react if she were to learn. Perhaps I've fought beside her enough to earn her trust, perhaps she would accept me. But I cannot help but prepare for the hatred that is the standard here on the surface. 

It is a strange feeling, trust. I've traveled with many people on the surface, and all seem to trust me. All have seen a mysterious masked elf with a sword, and have chosen to fight by my side rather than investigate. Out of courtesy? To preserve the mystery? I may never know. But it has been beneficial to me. My disguise has remained undiscovered, save by one.

Delia... She discovered my herritage. I believe through healing me after I was badly wounded by a goblin. She did not seem to care however, it has not stopped her from her nonstop flirting with me. Perhaps she is that way towards everyone. At least she accepts me for what I am. I only hope that others may do the same, because in truth, it is lonely behind the mask. It's lonely, and it starts to smell sometimes. 

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Implemented Ideas / Community Alternate Timeline
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:30:50 pm »
vgn's fancy new time converter (tweaked for timeline matching) here!This is a WIP - italicized years are placeholders to remind me of when stuff happened. 4/6 added placeholders for Center, Mean Streets and Tides of Ire 7/26 added references to events related to Hardragh's and Rodlin's WLDQs 8/19 added Plague referenceOn that note, I am having some trouble with the Dragon Storm timeline, in that there were so many events and contributions that I am not sure they all belong on a main timeline, but am not sure of the best way to condense yet to hit the events (especially the shock and awe ones) without getting bogged down in detail. I'd like the result of everyone's efforts to be known and accessible ... ! So I'm not ignoring it... hehe. It could probably also use some time editing to reflect intentions vs RL realities - at the moment these are straight conversions of RL dates.If something is there that you feel should not be widely known, feel free to say so BUT I will say that I used only public posts and information distributed by open-knowledge types (like the Aragenites at Bydell).Besides some DS specifics, among other events still intended but not yet straightened out are those surrounding the famine and the Destroyer's Curse arc. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone could donate to me either the logs for or the names of all participants in the DS finales, Salvation of Hurix, and any other post-Dragoncalled major conflicts, I'd appreciate it. I shelved a long ago started OOC project for lack of names, hehe.

After many years of darkness and twilight, the sun can be seen in the sky again, and the Dark Ages end.
A disturbance in the Al'Noth was repaired by Lucindites and a party of adventures deep in Alindor's Wolfswood forest. Within weeks of the repair King Briant of Erilyn makes a royal appearance with his court of Barons and Baronesses in Fort of Kings. It is the first time the royal court of Erilyn has been seen together in over 200 years and sparks a period of growth and stability for not only Erilyn but Alindor. The influence of Shindaleria also increases in Alindor at this time.

  • Strange sightings on Alindor. The rumour goes that a group of adventurers entered the Mountains of Madness and were the first to enter the shroud, that marks the border to Milara's domain and covers the entire area, for several years. Little is known of what actually transpired in there, but fact is that several eye witnesses from nearby settlements reported of changes in the 'dome of night'. Investigators concluded that a ritual was conducted within the dome that revealed itself in the shape of a black snake or whirlwind reaching all the way to the heavens. The result of said ritual has been a thickening of the web that forms the 'Dome of Night' above the Mountains of Madness - just as if darkness descended.
  • In this year, the very last recorded cross-species birth occurred. After this, no halfbreed children were born, and those who were halfbreeds themselves (half-elves, half-orcs, and other creatures of mixed blood) gradually discovered that they were utterly unable to conceive/bear children.
  • Slave uprising in the Deep almost succeeds before Rael's forces from above and below are able to crush the Deep gnomes and their leaders. Several prominent Beryl clergy were lost, weakening Her influence in the Deep. Rael strengthened his hold in Dregar and in the Deep.
  • The Wolfswood Rangers wage a fierce but quiet war against venemous spiders bred by a servant of Ca'duz. Rumors leak out of the wood, however, of increased spider activity - spiders the size of hunting mastiffs running across the surface of Lake Freis, spiders the size of ponies attacking cows. Healers of every stripe are recruited into Erilyn forces.
  • Rumors whisper of shadows attacking in the night near Mariner's Hold. The city undergoes a period of martial law that turns a fairly common practice of checking travelers at city gates into something more than merely cursory. All ships are searched before unloading, and those arriving on foot are not merely nodded through the gates with a cursory glance at traveling papers but stopped and searched, as well. Those out after dark are no longer merely the objects of suspicion but escorted out or beaten, even imprisoned, at the slightest sign of resistance.
  • A large tidal wave washes a third of the city of Mariner's Hold into the ocean. The cause of the wave is never verified but rumors both of divine and arcane nature persist. Next to fellow realms on Alindor, Lord Rael the Benevolent also aids the peoples of Mariners Hold and Sagewald as does a large contingency of the adventuring public.
  • It is whispered that an artifact has been stolen from Fisterion.
  • A great white dragon attacks the city of Leringard, destroys its harbor and kills hundreds of citizens. Lord Rael the Benevolent sends aid to its people, as do many adventurers. Realms on Mistone also provide various means of aid.
  • The town of Tammil in Belinara has a change of rule. There is fighting in the streets of Tulam, and its residents had to flee into the forest.
  • Y'ogoldrania, the Golden Emerald, is stirred from her slumber on Voltrex.*
  • Approximately one year after a group of adventurers was invited to Voltrex to observe the discussing of two opposing proposals, the Aesmil Isim voted for the rebuilding of the legendary city of Ovdear and the relocation of the Aesmil Isim to the future site. The proposal to dissolve the Aesmil Isim did not receive enough votes. (1432 - Used to be placed before prior entry, with "one year later" wording - moved to be one year later)
  • Hitherto unconfirmed rumors of dragon half-breeds on Belinara may have a grain of truth in them as adventurers explore the troubled Kuhl Kingdom. The Cult is now also sometimes referred to as the Dragon Stealers. Later this year, the rumors from Belinara speak of civil war, the remnants of Bloodstone's forces returning in strength, dragons in the sky, creatures ascending from the Deep, fire falling like rain from the sky. (1435, 1436)
  • Hilm Protectorate makes a public call for aid to adventurers, independent knights, and every warrior wielding sword or magic. Two months later, the capital city of Kuhl, Westgate, falls to the Dragon Stealers, aided by a massive dragon now known as Ractrafieroz. Fortunately, Queen Alise Langovale of Kuhl is saved by adventurers.
  • A Goblin, Gnome and human alliance west of Fort Wayfare has been detected and its interest in Fort Wayfare and lost relics in the area noted. (1436)
  • A 'Lord Reaver' in service to Admiral Red Bear of Hurm is credited for the unified crushing of the Silver Crescent Slavers' coordinated raids to conquer and enslave key locations in Trelania, Boyer, Liwich, and Co'rys.
  • Kuhl has all but fallen, and it is discovered that the realm of Nesar is negotiating with the Dragon Stealers - peace in exchange for the use of their fleet. Some say they are preparing a fleet to sail to Mistone.
  • A group of adventurers meets with the dragon Shadrixkayl, who provides the means to locate an item of power.

1426 The artifact is returned to Fisterion rather than Shadrixkayl.
1428 Hurix saved after 5day siege yay
1430 Something stirs in the Almoran. Western Mistone is devastated by massive tsunamis responsible for the loss of thousands of lives. Leringard turns aside most of the force, and several druids are lost in the sheltering of Krandor, but Port Hempstead is hit hard by the first wave. Several unprotected hamlets on the coast are lost completely. Desperate calls for aid lead to united efforts to block or divert the worst of the storms in major locations, but the dead pile so high in Karst that plague rules all and the dead rise. Infections spread as far as Palden Lake.
1431 Enormous display of power over the Almoran; lightning in the skies and fire on the waters.
1433 The once-abandoned region of Brelin known as Center gains momentum in its shift from a huddle of tents occupied by refugees from the tsunamis, to a trading crossroads with a proper inn and craftsman facilities when portal exit points are redirected there from Fort Wayfare.
1434 Trelania fights Cult forces within its own borders. There are reports of Myr'Drach attacks on western trade routes, and sightings of some blue and silver dragon devouring travelers. People flock to major cities as the forces of various factions both religious and political mobilize and work to eliminate the new threats. Hilm warns Kuhl of war. Moraken's Tower is under siege, and a massive, corrupted bronze and black colored dragon falls on those that seek to break it.Though the siege is broken by one group and a direct attack on Hlint repelled by another, the defenders take heavy losses compared to the size of the Cult forces, whose dead were burned. Before the deaths can even be tallied, however, disease spreads. Hlint is quarantined, its containment managed by the Sisters of Rebirth.
1436 A strike force attacks the hidden Cult base at Stormcry Hollows; other plot finales. The Sovereign Siphe Principality is formed, carved from Hilm (literally in some cases) with the aid of the dragon Ractrafieroz one hundred miles in all directions of what is now known as Fieroz City.
  • Several volcanoes around the world fill the skies with soot and ash, sparking fears in affected locations of a return to the Dark Times. Eruptions are attributed to the servants of Pyrtechon who claim responsibility and hail it as an omen of the Destroyer's coming.
  • Voltrex declares a state of emergency and closes its borders once more, following a historic sitting of the Aesmil Isim that reaches Isim Eliwanilae, or a unanimous accord. Trade vessels already en route return to their ports of call reporting that elven ships of war had intercepted them - and that the entire northern region of the continent is practically under siege from the eruptions and lightning storms.
  • Various DS aftermath settling
  • The dragon Snowtooth  attacks fleets belonging to Mist's followers, and their buildings in Leringard. Some in the city wish them gone to avoid the wrath of the dragon.
  • Hardragh supplants Yashilla  as Tide of the North.
1439 Another season of what should be re-birth is under a darkened cloud. Fewer newborns are entering the world. Hens are laying eggs that are not fertilized. Babies born fall prey to illness or predators. Seeds planted are failing to germinate and those that do grow poorly. Unrest grows.
1440 An expedition led by Storold Doesscha is thought lost for good, taking some of the world's most powerful with it - the Diet of Lor and her partner among them.
1441 The grisly destruction of villages Vale and Clover in the Forest of Fog.
1443 The lost expedition returns, supposedly from the Pits of Strife. Tremors rock the area surrounding the known entrance to the Great Rift. Lightning and other displays of power play from multi-hued clouds as magic returned to long-dead caverns.
  • Mean Streets, the Revenant takedown
  • Over the course of three months, the very heavens shift. The constellations thought to represent the deities Shindaleria, Dorand, Lucinda, Goran and the Couple move to circle a space that becomes occupied by Aragen's Book. Travel by sea is affected, and some react to the change with fear and predictions of the end times. After a time, however, the new becomes the normal.
1452 The Liquid Death, Rael locked down
  • Giantess' Supremacy shifts in the skies to stand near the group of seven constellations, near to Prunilla and Deliar. Soon after, Toran's Light moves near Dorand's position in the group.
  • Troops comprised of Toranites, Voraxains, and scouts from the Wolfswood Rangers move from Bloody Gate along with a company of mercenaries and adventurers.
1456 The stars do not so much shift as they are once more observed in the positions they were known to occupy prior the shifts of a few years prior.
1457 An invading army of gnolls swarms out of the Ire Mountains. Several farms and small settlements are sacked. The motive for such an attack is unclear -- many would argue that none is needed, as gnolls are vicious creatures. Other rumors claim the gnolls fled something worse, and the world just got in the way.
1459 The Wasting Death returns to Liwich.
1471 (Current Year)
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Rumour Has It / Rare Artifact offered for sale
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:02:28 pm »

Word among collectors of antiquities, artifacts and all things unusual is that several pre cataclysm art pieces are being authenticated and readied for sale via a Hound Auction. Time and date of the auction to be announced from the Vine and Dove, Leringard.



It has also be noted that Toranite Commander Stormhaven has been seen frequenting the Vine and Dove seemingly to enjoy its amenities .

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Rumour Has It / An artifact's armed escort?
« on: May 12, 2015, 11:01:14 am »
Rumors circulate, originating in places like Fort Llast and Leringard about an artifact of extreme age, dating from centuries before the Great Cataclysm and once thought to be destroyed, having been restored by way of a replica, and that this replica is being moved under escort led by none other than Commander Daniella Stormhaven to the archives of the Citadel of Toran in Huangjin.
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Ancients Legacy / Voyage from Huangjin
« on: April 12, 2015, 11:42:42 pm »
A few days after the semi-secret meeting at the Citadel, a series of ships depart from the port city, each spread out over different days and carrying a fraction of those who attended the meeting accompanied by a number of relatively unknown faces. The latter consist of guards from the Citadel as well as others that accompanied the Lucindite contingent...all of which are dressed in plain clothing without indication of their affiliations. Of note, Rork O'Mallory departs on the first ship while his assistant Maala, the Rofireinite Daniel Benjamin Poetr and Katia's Bird Lord Plenarius Ashaley depart on the second. The remainder spread themselves out over the three vessels. Notably absent is Commander Daniella Stormhaven, who was not seen boarding any of the three vessels. Each of the three ships depart in different directions.With the possible exception of the presence of Plenarius and his rather obvious wings, most observing the departures would not think much of them.Some time later, a series of three ships arrives in Spellgard. Rork O'Mallory steps off the first and proceeds with purpose toward the Temple. Over the next few weeks, the other ships arrive, with the one carrying Daniel and Maala arrives last. In the case of this arrival, the passengers are escorted to the Temple, which seems appraised of their arrival and the reason behind their presence.

----Days pass, and there is extensive consultation between all involved parties. At the end, a counsel is held and the following analysis is provided:

  • The book is heavily warded, which comes to the surprise of no one
  • The book has several layers of magical warding applied, and seemingly from multiple sources. At least one of these sources is extremely old, though if its origins are true, this fact is not surprising
  • Some of the wards can be relatively easily removed over the course of a few weeks time
  • There seems to be a consensus about the danger suggested by the notebook in an intellectual sense, and, at least by the Lucindite philosophy, it does not particularly advance Magic nor suggest means to break or damage the Al'Noth, there seems to be no particular negative to the destruction of the artifact
  • Full removal of all protections and wards of the artifact might well be a lifetime (in human terms, at least) endeavor, but they believe it can be accomplished possibly at the expense of the knowledge contained within
  • There is absolutely no resistance in within the Lucindite hierarchy to the idea of placing the artifact into the Vault
Given this analysis, and with deference to those with an investment in the overall cause, the Lucindites open discussion on the fate of the notebook to those who have brought it to their presence, seeking their input and perspective before its fate is decided.
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Forum Discussion / Forums/Web Site Moving
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:14:32 pm »
Good afternoon folks,Just giving you the heads up that I'll be moving the forums to another server some time this weekend. I will have to take down the old server temporarily for about a half hour or so to transfer the latest db over to the new server. Once this is done the web site will be running concurrently on the old server and the new server while the DNS propagates over. If your DNS is slow to update then you will probably see a bit of a performance loss as you connect to the old web server which is interacting with the db on the new server.The new web server is faster and you'll notice a speed increase while browsing the site and forums. To summarize, you don't have to do anything, but you may experience some latency until your ISP recognizes the DNS change. At the most this should be 48 hours but in general folks should be fine very shortly afterwards.-orth
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Layonara Server / Version 3.54 is online!
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:14:42 am »

Version 3.54 is online!

A lot of performance improvements under the hood that probably wouldn't excite you much and a few new goodies.


  • Complete reworking of rest logic. No more double messages, nicer coloured feedback. Interrupted rests now only require player level/5 minutes before another rest. So a Level 15 would only have to wait 3 minutes. Any interrupted rests now reset the player's HP to what it was before resting. DMs can now drop a safe rest tent anywhere with =c makeplc dm_safe_rest

  • Fixed the spell tracking system to be much more efficient. Also spells should cast a fractionally quicker time

  • If a player is bound to a no longer existing bindstone then set it to Center

  • North Point Craft Hall stairs should no longer get players stuck

  • Fixed an issue with the Wildflower Heaven token.

  • Crafting Top 10 now shows active players in last 90 days in the top 10 not just those that have recently crafted (and gained crafting XP).

  • Server status now keeps a better track of players logged in instead of a lag before they're off it should be fairly immediate (well within the 1 minute refresh)



    Updated Cave of the Snake on Dregar[/li][li]

    New Spellbook Saving/Restore System, type =c sb or read this.[/li][/list]

Other updates:

  • Significant reworking of the database. I'd get into the nitty gritty but I doubt many people would be interested.

  • Move some variables from the database to the Gem of Rememberance

  • More performance improvements in many areas, crafting, death, logging in

Also thank Guardian-452 for the update area, hopefully more to come!


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Layonara Server / Version 3.50 is coming!
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:43:40 pm »

Version 3.50 is coming!

Could be tonight, most likely tomorrow night. The server is going to be down for a couple hours as I will need to sync the vaults and do the db conversion. The server is going to be moved to a new IP Address. The DNS for will work after it propagates around the internet but in the meantime you will need the new IP Address. I will give that out in a followup post.
You will need to update the control hak and the tlk, I'm just making sure there aren't any last minute additions to them after some final testing before I make them available. They're small files though the both of them. I will give links to these files in a followup post as well.
Very important note for the next update:
The linux NWN server is case sensitive when it comes to your Bioware name. You must use the same upper/lowercase characters for your Bioware login that you did when you created your first character on Layonara. You can't login as Orth for example when you created your first character as orth. If you do you'll see no characters in your vault.
If you're unsure the exact case sensitivity you used for your first character and you see an empty vault, Dorg or I can let you know the proper case sensitivity.
  • AoE Improvements for Storm of Vengeance, Web, Grease, Stonehold
  • Fix some of the Goblin creation logic for player Goblins
  • Fix Harpies producing TMIs
  • Acacea's Irrestible Dance should not work on those immune to mind spells
  • Removed Greater Sanctuary from creatures
  • Properly close all colour tags on items/placeables/scrolls so the colour doesn't bleed
  • Quill System "undo" command was fixed
  • GMs no longer "suffer" cold, heh, also cleaned up a lot of their logic to ignore hunger/thirst/cold
  • Make quill system persistent across resets
  • Fixed some weirdness with the house key dialog showing that you didn't have the right key even though you did
  • Rebalancing Mistone Deep areas
Storage System Fixes and Updates:
  • The crates will never eat your gold, all gold will always be accounted for and returned after resets. If you deposit a stack with more than 50,000 gold pieces it will be split upon the next server reset.
  • Weirdness with stacks is no longer an issue. Stacks are added and removed and logged appropriately with number in the stacks. Players may notice if they remove a stack from a crate it will not merge with a stack they already have when they first receive it. They can stack it right after they remove it though once it's in their inventory.
  • Sometimes the server would think you were too far from a crate when on horseback to do the right thing, doesn't happen any more. You probably shouldn't be managing crates on horseback, but I prefered not having weird things happen if you were
  • Bank crates now show their contents and transaction log per character upon examine
  • Crate and chest appearances can be changed using =c setapp CrateName to # where CrateName is the name of your crate and the # is a value anywhere between 1 and 21. Players must leave and return to the area to see the change though!
  • No more bank chest in use bugs!
  • Dynamic Name System - Read Here
  • Random NPC Quest System - Read Here
  • Added ability to remove Charles Dawson's Book if you don't want it, use =c noneed chuckdbook
  • Use nwnx SetCurrentHitPoints to change PCs HP when logging in instead of the old way that did magical damage
  • Added journal entries for using voice activated emotes, sounds and actions
  • Updated Mountains of Madness and surrounding areas
  • You can store unidentified items on your ox now
  • System checks for banned players before they can even login.
  • System checks for players attempting to play from same IP and same Client Port and disallows
  • Players can set their character's description any time they want. Title any parchment "My Description" then write on it and use =c setmydesc and your player's description will change to what's on the parchment.
  • GMs can rename areas.
  • Introduction to area tracking logic for PC diversification system coming in a future update
  • GMs can now create transitions wherever they want. Whether its a "hole" showing up in the middle of Center or a doorway that leads to a Quest Area, they can plop them down on the fly.
  • Use PlayAnimation instead of ActionOpenDoor for player housing as it's quicker and doesn't need to wait for a queue, also made the door stay open a bit longer.
  • Player's bic file and portrait are now stored on the db for nicer integration with the web site
  • Updated the portal FX
Performance Improvements:
  • Remove old unused scripts and resources
  • Clean up OnActivate script to be faster
  • Login is much faster polling the db a lot less when first coming into the world, you should notice the difference.  Also removed a two functions that were rerunning through every step of the login process (17 times!)
  • All strings have been replaced with string references, this improves bandwidth and performance. Think about it this way, when you're in a party of 6 people whenever a PC would damage a Forest Giant Feller of a Broken Glade Clan the server would have to tell each client the name which is 43 bytes of data (43 characters in his name) to 6 players. Now it just tells the players to look up string reference for example, 16774043 from the layonara TLK which is 4 bytes of data. Multiply this by many names and many activities happening and you can see how this improves things.
  • The new server's CPU has been isolated so it's completely dedicated to nwn
  • The DB has been vastly reworked and improved in performance and integrity. Before many queries to the DB would look up things based upon your Bioware name and Character name. All players are assigned an ID and it's this ID that is used throughout the code now.
  • Use new nwnx GetSystemTime() to get epoch instead of polling the db for UNIX_TIMESTAMP(now())
  • Removed some unneeded heartbeats
  • OnSpawn is faster for creatures as the checks for loot drops have been made more efficient.
  • OnAcquireItem is faster for creatures, makes spawning quicker too
  • Improved performance so houses being opened won't lag the server
  • General improvements in areas where logic should be ignored for GMs
  • Move some unused areas out of the module for now
  • Creatures don't use up their buffs on module load
  • Logic to give the WL their quest items no longer needed as they've all been handed out
It feels like we did more, can't wait to get in and play! Thanks to Dorg, rowana and Alatriel for a hand here and there.
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Layonara Server / The NWN server is going to be moved again
« on: February 26, 2015, 09:12:38 am »
Hello all,As you know we've been running our server for the past 2 months on a new host and while for the most part it has been acceptable there have been issues with random "blue screen of deaths" killing the entire server as well as intermittent lag spikes. While trying to debug these I started considering another server where I could get an equally good deal and came across one that was Linux though. I wondered to myself how difficult and how capable our current world would be to run on Linux especially with our NWNX plugins. So I tested it locally and fixed a few bugs here and there and things seemed okay. At that point I wondered if there were any new NWNX plugins for Linux that I could tap into to help the world. This is when I really got excited and started greatly considering we'd move from Windows to Linux. There are  many plugins that are now available that can enhance our world.This is how and why I was able to introduce the Dynamic Names system.  Some of the other plugins give us functionality for many other ideas we've always been limited by the capabilities of what Bioware gave us. Not only that, there are performance improvements that these plugins provide to help the world run smoother and faster with less lag.I hope you understand that this move shouldn't be much of a blip on the radar and should hopefully lead to a smoother world with some exciting new features coming as well.Here's a taste of some of these new features:
  • GMs can now create transitions wherever they want. Whether its a "hole" showing up in the middle of Center or a doorway that leads to a Quest Area, they can plop them down on the fly.
  • Players can set their character's description any time they want. Title any parchment "My Description" then write on it and use =c setmydesc and your player's description will change to what's on the parchment.
  • The login process is faster. Some of the checks have been moved to not even allow players in the world instead of booting them after the login. Other processes that only need to be done once a reset are now doing so.
  • Dynamic never ending NPC quests.  If a pawn broker over hears you talking about something, you might want to listen to what he has to say. "Speaking of trading, Firg Knucklebar in Fort Llast was looking for some help with making a run to Dregar." (More on this to come!)
  • You can now ox unidentified items.
  • GMs can rename areas.
  • Increasing fortune for diversifying your exploration with groups, the more the merrier.  The more unique areas you visit the higher the rewards become! (more on that soon too)
  • Improved performance on NPC creature spawn/loot
  • Complete restructure of a lot of the database, much cleaner and faster
I was originally planning to get this entire move and update done this weekend but it may be delayed a few days as I want to get some thorough testing in plus (!!) the missus has been extremely patient with me this past fortnight as I've coded away so I'd like to reward her tomorrow. Some of these features may not make the first update after the move but the framework is laid out and the coding is started.I'll keep you all posted as things progress.All the best,orth
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Layonara Server / Coming Soon! Dynamic Names
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:57:10 pm »
I wanted to give the community a heads up on the new system that will hopefully be arriving in the next update. We are going to be introducing dynamic names to the world. What are dynamic names? Well now whenever you don't know a character all you will see above them or when they talk and other events is "Someone". It will be up the characters to introduce themselves to others or for your character to dub that character with a name.Associated commands will be:
  • =c intro
  • =c introparty
  • =c introarea
  • =c dub
To introduce yourself to an individual you use =c intro Plen for example. This will find the closest PC to your PC and introduce yourselves as that name to them. This will then change it so the other character sees Plen instead of Someone. =c introparty The Bird Lord for example would do the same thing but for all characters in your party. The same for =c introarea Feathers for example but it will work on any players in the immediate vicinity. If you would prefer to see someone's name as something else, you can forego their introduction and use =c dub instead. This works on the closest PC to your PC. For example, Connor could be near Plenarius and do =c dub Werechicken. If you have someone dubbed, from that point onward any time the player introduces themselves, it will ignore the introduction and use what you have dubbed them as.This will be a bit confusing at first when everyone is "Someone" but it should gradually get all worked out. You don't have to RP the introduction or dubbing of a PC who your PC knows well enough, just run the command(s). (Though feel free to RP it if you want!)Certain parts of the game world will still use your real name. For example the looter notification shows a Floating Message above the player to anyone that's nearby and can't be personalized on a per player basis. Storage logs on crates will still use the original name. There will be other cases we discover too, some will be fixed, some may not be able to be fixed.We hope this will help encourage the RP aspect of ones true name being held secret if they wish it that way. Also characters can use aliases to some if they so desire. Sometimes we're even confused/forgetful if one of our characters has met another yet, so this should help too. GMs always see your real name of course, but they too can dub you something else if they prefer.  (i.e. =c dub Victim #5) *gm grin*If you have any further ideas or just questions or comments, fire away. This isn't a set in stone update if players aren't thrilled about the idea but we think it will be a really fun addition.-orth
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General Discussion / From Callaman
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:16:32 pm »
Looking for some low level (Levels 1-9) characters to group with for work, exploring, or just to chat with. I prefer group play and I don't like grouping with characters over 10 levels of me. (Makes the battles too easy). If anyone is interested just reply to this thread or send me a PM or an IG tell. (I'm on alot lately so you should see me alot near center IG).
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"C'mon, Chimes," said Toby as they walked back toward the door, leaving a very dead dark elf on the lawn. So to speak. Again. It was practically old times! "I'll buy you a drink."

Thank the gods. She'd often wondered why all the drama happened when someone had worked up a thirst. She'd even thrown a stinkbomb at him at the bar and no one. Had even. Chased her. Not even a little bit. Not even a curse. Too busy with the 'rapier' jokes. Easy mark, only five points. Low hanging fruit, as it were. HA!

"First one still free?" he asked. "Yep!" She eyed him and they spoke over the top of one another. "Is that the one you're getting me?" "That's the one you're getting."

She hopped up onto a stool, deciding her poison was whiskey. Toby said he knew there'd been a reason he liked her (as if there weren't a hundred!), so she told him about how she'd given up the will-o after the great chicken incident of '97, but she'd died since then.

He was getting the glasses when his wife walked in, saying she'd thought he'd be right back... Or something wifely. Caught at the pub! One time a flame-winged Strife-demon had stopped at the Arms for a drink, and his wife had come to bawl him out for it, too. Acacea helpfully explained that he'd been killing a dark-ear as he poured.

"Something came -" he stopped and looked at the halfling. "Not. Helpful." he said under his breath, and handed her the bottle. "Just do me a favor, and if you feel like talking... take a shot first, okay?"

"I didn't make enough whiskey for - oops." As far as drinking games went, this one could use some work.

"You... he...? Did you?" his wife was stammering.

"Did what?"

Something about she'd said she wanted him to make it stop, not what she meant, somebody's pet. This was winding up to be a long one, so she lined up another shot, only to have Zari pick it up and toss it back. Quarreling was thirsty work, apparently.

Acacea looked at the place where her drink had been, and the glass reappeared, empty.

Toby poured her another one while defending himself, something else about blah blah preferring someone else to him, but as she reached for it, his wife snatched that one, too. The thirsty halfling watched it go away, again, and then looked to Tobias with imploring eyes.

"Might be quicker if you just drank it from the bottle..." he managed with a grin, but Zarianna got his attention back with, "You believed her?"

"Truth..." Acacea muttered to herself.

"No... Yes... I don't know! This whole situation has got me so confused."

"Tell me about it," Acacea said knowingly, as if anyone was listening, and reached for the bottle to take his advice just a hair after Toby himself snagged it and drank like he needed a few, himself. She blinked at the bottle when it was passed back to her, and it was removed from her disbelieving hands by his wife, as though she were merely passing it back and forth between them. She rested her head on the bar. Need. Drink. Light. Fading. Too. Much. Brainsick.

“You did. You actually believed her.” Zari took a drink straight from the bottle and set it back down on the bar, and the halfling stood on her tiptoes to reach for it. It wobbled. She tipped it toward her and peered into the opening. Sadness awaited. Mere drops. Not even a message from the wide world awaited her; this bottle had never bobbed in the sea, had never sung in the wind. She stuck her tongue out as they argued above her, tipping the bottle in hopes of catching the last of it in her mouth, but Toby, seeing it raising into the air, took it as though it were being offered and drained it.

“Wow. Thanks a lot.” She could agree with Zari’s sentiment, here. She stood on her tiptoes once more to look at the empty bottle, then cast her gaze heavenward, wondering, “I can’t tell if Lucinda is trying to make me quit drinking, or what. It’s like a tag team between her and Ilsare…”

“Thanks? What the hells do you mean by that?”

What if she didn’t exist? There was a thought. What if she really had died, and this had all been some sort of long queue to the Soul Mother… the elves could be demons in disguise. Lightly disguised. A thin veneer of disguise. Her soul, the whiskey. She climbed onto the stool in order to get over the bar, but Zari was already getting herself another bottle and Toby pulled one out and set it in front of the halfling. Two! Two bottles of whiskey. Her odds were improving. “Just like Ilsare. Can’t make up her mind!”

Leringard’s fashionista picked up her newly acquired bottle and took a drink from it, which only aggravated Toby more. Acacea, too. “Stop your drinking!” complained her husband, and took a shot from the other bottle. “You stop yours!”

She looked between them. At both bottles. She mused aloud, “Why is this my life?”

Somebody wasn’t supposed to be drinking when they were mad, but they weren’t mad, blah blah, she nodded thoughtfully at each comment, now. “So much for your trust!” Yes, profound! She must consider this. “Tell her, Acacea!” Wait what. She tried to remember what they were arguing about as he set the bottle down in front of her so he could lean into the bar with both hands.

She eyed it. “Definitely not mad. Very happy.” Her hand creeped toward the whiskey while she spoke, and his bloody wife that never laughed at her jokes struck again to drink from it. “Varg YVV!” she swore in a common pit tongue. Cantankerous harpy! Toby took the other back as if in retaliation. “If you drink, I’ll drink!” Nancing applechaser!

Her ears were melting. She was quite sure of it. She was watching Zari wave around the bottle as she talked, but the words had gone all wah wah wah. No. This was an elusive beast. It called for stealth, and dedication. Crouching down in front of the bar, she listened for the sound of heavy glass clunking down, and when it came she made her move! Leap! Grab! Dash! Sour, burning oblivion awaited!

She hopped up into a stool far away from the bickering couple, hugging her prize to herself. Both elves looked at her quizzically for an instant before returning to their argument. And she… she needed five of these. Five of… she held it upside down over her head and squinted disappointedly up into the opening.

“She was soul-bound. Damn our luck.”

The halfling clanked the empty bottle onto the bar grimly and stood. Brushed herself off with wounded dignity. “You drink all that, that quickly?” Toby asked, as his wife looked over and added, “Ilsare’s panties, Chimes. Slow down.”

“If she opens her mouth again, it’d better not be about you or she’ll be taking another trip,” Toby was saying, and he absently slid a bottle down towards Acacea as his wife swung her legs over the bar. Trotting up gamely, she saw, before her very eyes, the bottle struck a glancing blow by elven legs, wobbling, tumbling… !

Toby was fast, but lives were at stake, and he couldn’t have expected her to dive for it with no regard for obstacles or, indeed, her safety. She snagged it from the air on her way by and barreled into a few stools, but still folded into a protective somersault and came up with bottle safely in hand, world saved once more!

“Oh… thanks,” she heard, as Zari bent down to take it from her in her moment of triumph. “Would’ve been a waste. Good catch.”

She sat. Chin in hands. Elbows on knees. This was Dead Man’s Pass, and she was the last Diamoniar. Struck down by unexpected parties from behind. She pondered the world as the bottle was set back down on the counter, and then picked herself off the floor and onto her feet. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!”

The married couple turned in surprise at the shout. “Both brainsick. YOU!” she leveled a finger at Toby to single him out. “Are only mad ‘cause you love her! Isn’t that a ridiculous place to be in when you consider that! You!” she whirled to Zari, stabbing her finger at the air. “Likewise!” Why did tall people always make things so complicated? Not all of them, she conceded to herself. The mermaid had appreciated her playing-card analogy. She could always pull that one from her sleeve if it proved necessary. The pretty one - the woman, that is - was definitely the shiny deck, in this case.

Toby leaned slightly to one side to stage whisper, “I think she drank too much.”

“Both of you! Kiss! Immediately!” She crossed her arms demandingly, and Zarianna stage-whispered back to her husband, “I think we better do what she says…”

He nodded sagely at her wisdom, then turned to his wife to kiss her. He leaned into it as she returned it, then scooped her up into his arms. Acacea grabbed the bottle as they were occupied and made a break for it. “'KAY, YOU CAN STOP NOW!” she called behind her, fleeing down the hall. No crazy Pit critters were going to eat her soul, no sir.


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Introduce Yourself / Thanks for the Warm Welcome
« on: January 03, 2015, 10:04:31 am »
Hi all,Some of you will have met my character (Liana) in game, but I thought it would be a nice idea to say hello to those who haven't too! I also want to thank everyone for the warm welcome; the people I have spoken to have been incredibly helpful and have made my experience so far incredibly enjoyable. Looking forward to meeting some of you again, and the rest of you for the first time!
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Let them eat cake
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:24:45 am »
Would it be possible to add a recipe on the bakers oven for cake? We have pies bread, but, no cake. *sad face*Suggested recipe:Wheat Flour x3Cow's milk x1Eggs x2Sugar x3Salt x1Butter x1(could possibly add different types of fruits nuts to have a variety) x6 Maybe have it around where a level 8 cook could start making it?
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Introduce Yourself / Thanks for the acceptance
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:56:29 pm »
Hi guys, I'm currently playing a Human Fighter who's on the way to becoming a master of the spear, named Jocoscus Sturdevant. I've very much enjoyed my time in game and the amount of thrill and amusment I have gotten from all the good RP. I am very new at this, always wanted to get into some good, serious, RP. Now with my brother in law's assistance, I have been able to do just that. Anways, if there is anything anyone would like to know about me, feel free to ask. Hope to see you all in game :)                                   Bryan
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Layonara Server / New Plot – Community Inquiry
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:02:23 pm »
Hello all!Now that the GM break is over, we're going to be starting up a new plot. Before we do, we need to put a question to everyone. It's actually a few, related questions but they all center around the basic need to know how many of you are interested in participating consistently in a world-level plot. In order for this to work, we really need a baseline minimum of participants. Without that, it will fall apart and become a wasted time for everyone.The main quests for the plot will likely happen monthly (schedule to be determined), though there will also very likely be related side quests and events happening in between. We anticipate the plot quest will span about 6 months, give or take.There is one requirement for all participants that we will hold to pretty firmly. For the main, monthly plot quests, those players who have multiple characters will need to stick with the same character throughout. In other words, we ask that you not swap characters back and forth throughout the plot series. Having said this, the plot-related side quests will remain more open, particularly those that are impromptu, and we won't hold you to a single character exclusively for those events.So, if you are willing and interested in participating, please indicate your interest below. This is not binding, of course, and serves only to give us a head-count at this time.This thread will remain open for the next two weeks. 
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General Discussion / Howdy All!
« on: August 30, 2014, 12:40:13 pm »
Dunno if anyone remembers, but I figured I'd check in and say hi, after being gone for so long. Life has been moving along, I finally got my first Fulltime job, I'll be starting it soon. It's exciting, I'll be working as a QA Software Dev. I'm also moving into an apartment finally, among other things. :D Unfortuatly, I won't be coming back to layo, but I do miss you guys! I wish you all the best! Link092
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Rumour Has It / QUAKE !!
« on: May 28, 2014, 04:44:41 pm »

The recent tremors that have plagued Mistone in the region around Haven City and the Silkwood Forest cumulated in the early morning hours of (Layo Date to be added once the sundials are reset) as massive earthquake to shook the region.

The shock wave was felt as far as Spellgard and Hlint but the damage was limited to the Silkwood region.


Flash flooding occurred around several dry creek beds as large subterranean aquifer was disturbed. This is thought as well to be the source of flooding in many underground structures of the region. These structures may well remain permanently submerged. Only time will tell. The flooding washed skeletal remains down stream of an old burial site. Proper authorities have been alerted to deal with the re-interment of these souls before they can run amok.

There are some reports of a large debris cloud that mushroomed above the forest. Since it occurred in an uninhabited section of the great tract of forest, it is thought to be the collapse of some natural structure or perhaps old ruins in the area.


Haven City thankfully suffered only minor to moderate structural damage and no town residents have been reported as casualties. Haven Castle had several towers partially collapse but they are repairable. The mines that sustain the economy of the town however were mostly devastated by the quake. If the economy is to survive, new mines will have to be built in the surrounding territories.


The mine collapse may have exterminated a large portion of the local gnoll population. It is unknown how many still populated the underground areas in the wake of recent flooding but non there could have survived the cave ins caused by the quake.

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Tuesday May 13th at 9pm until 12amThis is the second to last installment of the series. There will not be a minimum attendance number.  Start point is Haven City. All new and returning players welcome.Haven and the surrounding Silkwood forest have been beset by earth tremor, flooding and a surge of monsters both living and dead.   The town's mining livelyhood is threatened.  Ogres and Gnolls run rampant.  Rumors are that the dead are walking in the forest.   Umber Hulks are being forced above ground and in numbers rarely ever seen before.   Spiders that normal keep to their underground dens are roaming the forest.   A small group of adventurers have stepped up to try and solve the puzzle but will they be successful?  Will it be enough?  Will it be in time?
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