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Layonara Server / Promotional Posters
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:41:12 pm »
These are two posters I have made to help promote the Layonara website and the game.  They can be downloaded from the downloads section as 300dpi 4800x6000 files that will print out fairly well at 16x20 or smaller.
(download section under optional downloads)
They are my contribution to helping to build the community.  I have printed out several and put them in the local comic book shops, game shops and one in the local library. I hope you will do the same.

Coming soon are web badges you can use to show your Layo spirit and perhaps generate some web traffic.



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Just for Fun / Snack Time
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:11:16 pm »
Just for Fun

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Quests Ideas and Discussion / little green men (and women possibly)
« on: August 14, 2012, 12:21:27 am »
I was thinking about what might prompt me to play something other than Gunther and the thought occured to me....

We have had, at one time or another, the dwarven army, the shortlived halfgiant army, etc, etc.  I imagine there have probably been other similar groupings in the past.  Guilds and whatnot.

So this isnt an original thought by any means...but what do people think about a group of goblins.  It wouldnt last forever, due to people dropping out, perming, etc, but if a GM were willing to build a campaign around the idea, it might be fun.

Say a band of red light goblins, either driven out of the caverns or their home is destroyed by a group of greedy, goody-goody paladins and clerics.  The goblin band barely escapes with their lives and goes on to seek revenge against the goodly aligned folk.  Campaign ensues.
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Just for Fun / Layo Memes
« on: August 06, 2012, 09:42:29 pm »
Alright, guys and gals, time for a bit of fun. Gather your wry wit, humor, and pet peeves, and shove them into a quickmeme with a Layo theme. I bet there'll be some great ones. Here's mine:

Cleric of Aeridin

Edit: Attachment wasn't working. Couldn't figure out how to just imbed the image in the post. Tried using the image option, but it came out black. QuickMeme must be crafty.
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General Discussion / Community Building
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:13:03 pm »
Hello folks.

Community (dwindling) issues have come into the limelight once again. (yes, the semiannual occurrence has come to pass!) So I'd like to see ideas people have for community building. We always kind of do the cricket violin thing but then we never move to that point where we're looking at actual action. As I stated in another thread, I have a few ideas but I would rather open this up to the community and let the community's collective shine here!

I'm going to throw some things out there up front but otherwise we'll feed back ideas as they come around and see if we can get some things going!

1) We cannot give incentives for money for the NWN version of Layonara. It will get us sued and shut down and all kinds of nasty things. The only way money can come into play is for donations to keep the servers up and running.

2) Anything that requires an intensive amount of work for the lead staff will be considered but won't be attempted in the near future. If a window of opportunity presents itself we'll see what we can do.

3) At this time we have no desire to get rid of the CA process and it has been lightened to the lowest viable setting to keep lore intact and our CA staff sane.

4) Soul Strands are also off the table as far as altering how/when they work. It has been stated elsewhere in a few places that Soul Strands will be apart of game play in the MMO as well. They are here to stay.

5) Lore and lore consistency is absolutely king/queen here.

6) Anything that requires GM action will require the willing, but not grudgingly so, volunteerism of a GM. If the idea has merit but we don't have people who have the time/ability, we'll keep it on the idea list for a time in the future.

7) Please do not take lead staff feedback as a shut down of an idea. If it's definitely a no go, we'll just say "Hey, cool idea but we can't do this." Otherwise just take it as feedback to build on.

8) This shouldn't devolve into, "When the MMO comes out could we....". Those kinds of sentiments are more than welcome but there's a forum for that so head on over there for those kinds of posts.

9) Long posts welcome so long as the above conditions are adhered too.

So let's hear it folks!

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Character Submissions / Exotic Race Submissions - read here first.
« on: July 08, 2016, 11:12:40 am »
As of right now Exotic Race applications are now re-opened!We will be placing a few restrictions on their submission though, in an effort to keep these characters sufficiently rare to reflect their uniqueness in the world. These restrictions apply to the following races:Wemics
Dark Elves
Sea ElvesHalf-orcs, half-giants and half-ogres are no longer viable as PCs, as they would have to start adventuring at too old an age. Please read the following guidelines for exotic race submissions:-Submissions for exotic races will be limited in number to one(1) per person per month and four(4) per month total.
-Three(3) days prior to the end of the month a random date and time will be selected for the opening of submissions for the following month. A d4 will be rolled to indicate the date (so submissions will always open within the first four days of the month) and a d24 will be rolled for the time, always quoted in GMT to avoid confusion (so a roll of 13 would be 1pm GMT). The time will be announced in this thread.
-The first four posts, according to their time stamp, will be the submissions reviewed. The others will be given five days for the submitter to save their work, and then deleted to keep the forum organized.
-The threads will also be numbered 1-4, to indicate which thread gets priority in review; 1 being first in line, 4 being last.
This system was devised to limit the flow of exotic characters in to the world, and to give all time zones the fairest chance of getting their submission in first. The policy may be amended if a more efficient process is identified and agreed upon.I also would like to note that exotic races are still subject to the RP consequences that NPCs of the same race are. Namely, rampant hatred, bigotry and/or animosity from the "common" races. That being said, have a great time!Cheers,Gilshem
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Layonara Server / World Policy Update -- Sept. 19, 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:39:48 pm »
Greetings Layonara Community,
As we have done now and then through the years, we are bringing some changes to Layonara.  Some of these are significant. Others are simple clarifications of what already exists.  Regardless of the case, from this point forward, a new set of policies and conventions will be in place for all, from the new player on up to the GM team.  These changes have come after a good deal of consideration, proposal, discussion and refinement over the course of several months.  They take into account those things that we, as a community, do well and those things that we, as a community, could do better.  The full details of all these things are too much to list here, but they will either be covered with some detail elsewhere or be evident in the way things are done by the GM team.  Don't worry; the changes are all aimed at a more positive experience for everyone.
What I will do here is summarize these changes and then offer an agreement between the community-at-large and the GM team. The latter is offered because in order for this all to work, it requires cooperation between everyone, whether one is “just a player” or our most experienced GM. Afterall, we're all working toward the same goal: a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone.  
[SIZE=18]Summary of Changes:[/SIZE]
 As mentioned above, the details of all the changes are too numerous to list here, and much of them get into administrative details.  To list the major changes in summary:
  • We are creating a world lore     publication fork. This is different from diverging NWN lore from MMO     lore, but it will still allow for some greater freedoms for GMs and     players while protecting those players who eventually wish to     achieve World Leader status or undertake a similar effort.  There     will still be opportunities to “change the world”, leave one's     mark and the the like. World lore is still important, but there will     also be flexibility.  This fork is considered to begin with the     conclusion of the last lingering matters after the world plot finale     quests held in May, 2011.  As things stand, this will coincide with     the wrap-up of Briardusk.
  • This publication fork also opens     up possibilities for GMs to run events which may not fit into world     lore.  Such events will be considered “unofficial” and     unsuitable for character development.  They are intended for player     entertainment and education...and perhaps GM entertainment as well.     GMs will clearly state when such an event occurs, so there is no     confusion on the part of players.
  • CDQs (and     GCDQs) are getting a significant change in terms of things like     waiting periods and other policies, with individual GMs being     allowed to set their own policies for the most part. They will also     be the domain of lore-friendliness, meaning a CDQ need not directly     deal with world lore, but neither should it violate it or conflict     with it. Everyone should read the updated CDQ policy, found here.
  • The world plot     will be handled in a different, more “organic” way. With the     wrap-up of Briardusk, we're taking a small break to get organized.     We will put out a “state of the world” description so everyone     knows the setting for moving forward. From that point forward, we     will be operating on a new methodology.  There will be opportunities     for world-level involvement on many levels, even when something     isn't marked as a “plot” event. To a large degree, what happens     moving forward will be up to the community.  More details will come     out over time.
  • The Character     Approval process is undergoing a shift, and we will be clarifying     some things as well. It is important for everyone to read and     understand this new policy, as it will affect all character     submissions from this point forward. Everyone should read the     updated CA policy, found here.
[SIZE=18]Agreement Between Players and GMs:[/SIZE]
  In order for everything to work well, we all need a reminder that there is a need for cooperation between both players and GMs.  Without it, there is nothing but difficulty, and anyone who has been around here long enough has probably witnessed the occasional period of problems and tension.  We recognize these will never be truly eradicated, but we can all take steps to minimize them and work more constructively when problems do arise. In that spirit, I offer the following agreement to be held between players and GMs.
 Players agree to...
  •     ...have fun, but never at someone else's expense.
  •     ...engage in RP as much as possible. Encourage the same in those     around you.
  •     ...keep in mind that GMs are your partners in RP here, not your     enemies.
  •     ...not spread rumors about favoritism or unfair treatment. If     there's a concern, bring it to Leanthar, EdTheKet, Dorganath, Rowana     or a Lead GM.
  •     ...try not to use words like “bother” or “inconvenience” (or     some form thereof) when approaching members of our various teams.      We choose to do this.  It's OK. It's not a bother or an     inconvenience.
  •     ...never be the reason for another player leaving the world or     abandoning a character. This has happened, generally through     behavior that has made a person feel uncomfortable or threatened. We     know it has happened.  It is unacceptable.
  •     ...avoid telling other players how to play their characters,     alignments, classes deity/dogma, race or some other significant     defining characteristic, which also includes concepts like the     Heartsong or the Al'Noth.  If there is a concern, bring it to a GM.     Otherwise, unless a player specifically asks for advice, let it be.
  • toward a better level of communication between everyone     here, whether it is with one of our various teams or with general     members of the community.
  •     ...remember that GMs and especially the lead staff have a lot     invested in Layonara.  We sometimes want to participate in     discussions. Our words, unless specifically stated, are not     generally the end of the conversation.
  •     ...understand that at times, the GM team must say “no” but this     should be respected rather than gossiped about, back-talked or     flamed.  “No” is rarely given without a reason, though if it is     (such as cases where we cannot immediately give one), it is not an     arbitrary decision.
  •     ...join the GM team in our respect for and observance of world lore.     As part of this, keep in mind that if we approach players with     matters or concerns about lore, we are only seeking to encourage and     maintain a consistent environment for everyone here.
  •     ...remember that GMs are players too.  Sometimes we just want to     enjoy ourselves just like everyone else.
  •     ...maintain respect for everyone here, from the newest player on up     to Leanthar.  This applies equally whether in-game, on IRC or on the     forums. We're all people. We're all gamers. We're here for the same     reason. Do not hide behind anonymity.
In return, the GM team will...
  •     ...provide a fair, open and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  •     ...provide a rich and interesting environment to support, encourage,     inspire and reward RP for everyone.
  •     ...attempt to communicate clearly and accurately with the community     on various matters.
  • open and available, as our time permits, for questions,     concerns and ideas. We may not be able to accommodate all requests,     but we will make reasonable efforts where it is appropriate to do     so.
  • as fair as possible. We are still people. We will make     mistakes, but the goal remains.
  •     ...try to communicate as clearly as possible at all times.
  •     ...respect, support and enforce world lore as appropriate. In doing     so, we may bring forward concerns or problems to players that are     intended in the spirit of our established world lore. Please give     these due consideration and respect our comments and the reason     behind them.
  •     ...provide a “clean slate” for all players moving forward from     this point (more on this below).
The above agreement is offered in the spirit that we're all here trying to play the same game.  We're all people. Many of us, whether player or GM, have a lot invested in this game world. Some arguably have much more invested than others, but for the most part we all have a significant emotional attachment to this place.  With such attachments often comes a sense of ownership, and with that sense sometimes there is a sense of entitlement or a way of doing things that is “better”.  It is usually these sorts of things that cause the most problems. We're all different.  We all have different ideas and perspectives.  These things are truly great, but we also need to remember that we're all here trying to get enjoyment from the same place, and this place has its set of rules and guidelines that everyone needs to follow. One person should not take their fun at the expense of another's.
  In understanding our various differences, let us also remember that each of us is only human.  The above agreement is a goal, and regardless of which side we're on, no one expects perfection. We do, however, request that everyone keeps these things in mind when playing here. Most of us here are adults. Let's remember to act like adults.  Speak to other players. Work out differences person-to-person, and ask for help if there are problems doing so.
 [SIZE=18]The “Clean Slate”[/SIZE]
  Under the GM section of the agreement, the concept of a “clean slate” was mentioned.  By way of explaining this, it is necessary to mention the oft-misunderstood “Player Watch List”.  Many players may not know if this list, while others may have the wrong idea of it.  
  The Player Watch list is simply that...a list of players to watch. A player may get onto the list in several ways, which can be summarized as bad or questionable behavior. Such behavior can take many forms, whether it is a complaint by another player, minor rule violations or any matter that seems of concern. We use this as a communication tool between the entire GM team, such that we may all know of issues that may require a closer eye on a player in order that they do not cause problems for others through such behavior as we may document. A player will remain on the watch list for a period of six (6) months, after which time, the thread will be moved to an “inactive” archive, assuming no further issues during that time. If necessary, an archived thread may be made active again if there are repeated issues for a given player. These threads help us determine when administrative action or more direct intervention may be necessary, and they serve as long term documentation.
 It bears stating, unequivocally, that the Player Watch List is not a list of people that the GM team “does not like.” This is actually quite far from the truth. It should also be said that just because someone is on the watch list does not mean the player is in trouble. In order to illustrate a little better what the list is and isn't, here are a few examples of why someone might appear on the list:
  •     Player A is seen repeatedly luring or using terrain features to     trick creature AI or is otherwise abusing creature AI to     disproportionately lower the challenge posed by a creature or set of     creatures.
  •     Player B is observed camping CNR or creatures in excess of what     rules allow.
  •     Player C is reported by Player D for some inter-personal matters     that make Player D uncomfortable or which impact Player D's     enjoyment of the game.  In this case, both players might receive     posts for tracking purposes.
  •     A GM comes across something that brings questions to mind about     Player E.  The player in question is not available at the time to     speak to about the find, and there are no other GMs around who might     be able to offer clarity. The GM posts a thread seeking attention     and comment from other GMs regarding the find. (Note: in such a     case, the post may be removed if it is determined that there is     ultimately nothing wrong or questionable.)
There are surely other reasons for appearing on the watch list, but these are among the most common.  In most cases, a GM should make contact with the player who is being listed to discuss the problem and request an adjustment in behavior.  However, whether due to time constraints, RL obligations or the player logging off of the server before such an opportunity arises, a GM may not be able to do so in a timely way. In such cases, the GM may still post in order to mark the incident for other eyes. A GM may also post to raise a player concern with the rest of the team in the absence of available information. Again, it should be stressed that someone being on this list is not automatically in trouble with the team.
  To enact the “clean slate”, from this point forward, any and all active Player Watch List threads are now archived permanently. Any past incidents or disciplinary actions, except for permanent bannings of course, are hereby forgiven and completely in the past.  If a player who has been the subject of one or more Player Watch List posts in the past has a new incident worthy of the Player Watch List, such incidents will be considered new, and past incidents will not be taken into account.  Repeated incidents after this point will, of course, be handled as we have in the past, with each thread serving as a historical record for future reference.
  This gives everyone who may have come in conflict with server rules in the past or who may have caused difficulties for other players to start fresh and without bias. It is our hope that in this environment, people will seize this opportunity to be better members of the community as a whole and remember that this is not just a single-player game and that our actions affect other players, either directly or indirectly.
 [SIZE=18]So let's get started![/SIZE]
  Without further ceremony or description, let's all start moving forward and continue making Layonara the best environment for RP and enjoyment it can be. For good or ill, we've all contributed to what Layonara is today.  As we go on, we will continue to shape it. Let's make it good!
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Have a wonderful day with all your loved ones.

**Passes a box with blue roses, sparks and cookies **
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Introduce Yourself / *Bounces around*
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:46:21 pm »
[SIZE=13]Ello! My name is Jennifer but I go by Jen or Jenny usually. I live in an EST time zone though I was born in Scotland and I'm now in my early 20s. I'm a little hyper so ignore the title, it seemed appropriate at the time and I couldn't think of anything better.

Last night about this time I was sitting around on a different Neverwinter Night's RP server that my boyfriend and I had discovered only 3 days ago. Despite the fact it hadn't been long enough for the feeling of novelty to wear off we were already growing tired of it. Not because we disliked the people or the setup and I wont name the server for posterity sake. Lets just that they are very grind heavy and we don't have the time to dedicate to grinds which keep us from role playing anywhere but 1-2 low level zones.

So I started googling other possibilities using my amazingly awesome google skills!... he did most of the searching. :p  

Eventually we found the main page for this community, Lyonara, which roped us in almost immediately. The further we dug the more excited we became over Layonara and the prospect of the role play that could await us here. About 2 hours into our informative research frenzy (which consisted of one of us going to the other every 2-5 minutes and exclaiming "Look at this!" or "Oh wow they have ---- here!" sometimes "dcbhd,mv,.ifdf" but that only happened when the cat walked over my keyboard) my boyfriend discovered you had an IRC chat.

He then proceeded to join it without telling me and started magically answering all the questions we had not been able to find direct answers to or at all. Of course I refused to be out-done and nearly sent myself into a tizzy trying to find answers before he could spout them to me. That is until he casually informed me he was asking people in a Layonara IRC chat all his questions.

She was not amused. >:/

So we both spent the next 15 minutes getting me set up and connected to the IRC chat where upon joining I had the delight of meeting several Layonara members. I have to say thus far you all seem like a very friendly and welcoming group. Further more I think the world you have created with meticulous detail and care is simply exquisite and I cannot wait to join it as soon as possible with boyfriend in tow.

I'm pretty sociable on most days so feel free to ask me any questions and just poke me to chat if the mood strikes you. :D [/SIZE]
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Rumour Has It / Eulogy for the Boy Hero in Wayfare
« on: September 05, 2011, 07:24:14 pm »
*She dresses in her best dark clothes and attends the very small funeral of a homeless child in Fort Wayfare.  The Bone Bats that came through the gate and harassed it's residents are gone but the loss of the one child hurts this Bard the most.

She stands quietly off to the side and lets the preacher say his words, only a couple adults attend, the children are kept away.  Tears stroll down her cheek but she controls the sobs that wish to burst forth, and when he is done, she pulls out a harp and begins a soulful tune and sings softly.*

[FONT="]Though better minstrels far than I May strike the quivering string; And bards more worthy of the theme Thy praises loud shall sing.
Yet I, a wandering Harper new, with heavy heart and soul feeling blue, By harp and voice to honor you, my feeble strains to try.

[FONT="]My voice upraised to wild swept chords I sing thy happy times be wild; Thy frowning times, running games, And all that makes thee a playful child.
All these I love and all have seen though gone now from my sight, I can but hear the children play, for all the rest is night.[/FONT]

[FONT="]But even yet, it you’ll but list, To my old harp's best note, I'll sing to you your heroic deeds, To them my songs devote.
Now guided by my faithful ox I stray from door to door, And tell how my hero fought and bled, And tales of old time lore.[/FONT]

*She bows her head, drops a flower upon the ground and slowly walks away.*
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Rumour Has It / Zahid Al Safi - Dead
« on: August 08, 2011, 10:29:44 am »
Human lives are brief, lasting little longer than a child's writing in sand. Their legacy lies in their works, whether they are children of the flesh or children of the mind.

Zahid Al Safi, aged 69, died as he was born, wandering the Great Desert. After fighting for Sederra against the Green Dragon Cult, he ultimately succumbed to old age. He will not likely be remembered beyond the absence of an old man on a bench, or a shouting figure at the side of a Center road. Perhaps he never found the oneness he sought, but he smiled and died in peace. His journal, like his body, moulders in the desert's shifting dunes. He breaks down, and becomes one with the sands.
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General Discussion / Alabama Distruction
« on: April 28, 2011, 02:19:24 pm »
As some may know Alabama was hit with serious storms and tornados. Our town was hit by 3 tornado's. We are without all utilities for the next 3-5 days. No power, cable , phone or cell. I had to drive over an hour into TN for gas and cell service. We have had several deaths and they are still searching. Please keep these families as well as others in your thoughts and prayers.

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General Discussion / Oleoresin Capsicum
« on: February 01, 2011, 06:35:42 pm »
Just wanted to share this thought with you:

Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (OC Spray) or pepper spray is no fun.

Thank you, continue with scheduled program.
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General Discussion / A Fond Farewell
« on: January 08, 2011, 11:39:05 am »
Hi everyone,

I have to say ... it's been a great run! That said, this post is to let the community know that I have just stepped down as a GM. The decision to retire was actually some months in the making, but I stayed on a little longer to make sure my work with Center rolled out smoothly, and to finish off my last commitments to CDQ requests.

Time. If only we all could have enough! But with my university days over and my full time job becoming more full time by the day, I know in my heart that I don't have the time for the responsibilities of GMing anymore, and it is time to step aside.

My deepest thanks to the community. You are what makes GMing here worth the time we give up. So thanks, for your commitment and passion to the world, for your creativity on quests and during every day roleplay, and for all the support you give the GMs as we try our best to weave stories for you, puppeteer a dozen NPCs at once, and keep the monsters on a short enough leash that you can at least try to solve the world's problems in a non-combative fashion. Mine were always a little unruly, and apologies to whoever they took a swipe at accidentally during a quest. I do seem to recall a few strand refunds during my tenure ... ;-)

I can say with honesty, it has been my sincerest pleasure to eavesdrop on all your RP conversations, snoop through your character's backpacks and leave the occasional surprise, bash you on the head with the XP wand from time to time, and torture your characters through development quests!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Just for Fun / Darkstorme's Word of the Day
« on: July 14, 2010, 06:41:12 pm »
This is a new feature I'm trying out... we'll see if I can keep it up.  

The basic idea is that, like the calendars you can buy at mall kiosks, I'm going to offer up a word per day.  These words are useful ones that are underused, misspelled, wrongfully employed, or otherwise abused - in a fantasy setting.  I will attempt to disambiguate, enlighten, and expand upon their uses, for entertainment and (perhaps) their future use in Layonaran RP! :)

Or I'll get bored.  We'll see.

Today, however, we're starting with a nice easy one:


Not to be confused with knock, or Knock, a nock (or to nock) is of particular interest to all you archers out there.

Like knock, nock can be used as both a noun and a verb.  The noun refers to the slit on the butt end of the arrow into which the bowstring fits.  The verb, naturally, refers primarily to the action of fitting an arrow to that bowstring, slotting the string into the nock.

It can also refer to scoring or marking a surface, but that usage has fallen into near-deprecation.

Edit: I should also note that nock is a transitive verb - you cannot simply nock - you must nock something.

  • Settling comfortably into the crook of the tree, the Ranger nocked an arrow, her eyes on the path below.
  • Nothing was in sight, but the scout was still quick to nock an arrow, warily peering into the misted darkness ahead.
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General Discussion / Negativity
« on: July 01, 2010, 10:40:44 pm »
Sorry if I seem negative, ever.  I don't try to be negative, just realistic.  I don't think yes-men accomplish anything, so someone has to be willing to bring up differing views and point out potential problems.  

Here's the weird thing: I actually think I'm rather optimistic.  I know.  I said it was weird.  I think we humans have so much more in us than we give.  We could do so much better in every aspect of life if we'd stop being so selfish.  I'm just not idealistic.  I don't think people as a whole will do better without being more or less forced into it.  Yeah, that sucks.  I'd like to think differently, but my inner scientist constantly reminds me that the evidence is completely against it.  The people who are acting on that great potential are overshadowed by the rest of us.
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Just for Fun / The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela
« on: June 23, 2010, 08:38:16 am »
Vuvuzelas' invading Middle Earth...

Watch it, it is fun ^^

YouTube - Gandalf Goes to the World Cup
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Just for Fun / Lego Engineering
« on: June 13, 2010, 11:48:01 am »
This guy is a genius!

YouTube - lee enfield sniper rifle (lego)
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Layonara Server / Gathering interest -- A possible quest idea
« on: June 07, 2010, 09:58:16 pm »
[SIZE=13] Hello all, most of you probably don't remember when I *gasp* actually ran quests, but I've been known to do so, and recently I've had an idea that is interesting to me, but before I spend time actually planning such a thing, I thought I'd post to see if there was any interest.  


Because this is something of a different concept for a quest. It's intended to be a one-shot, meaning unless something catastrophic happens, it begins and ends on the same day with no stretching into a mini-series or long-running plot.  However, it's intended also to have some quirks and outcomes that will quite potentially extend far beyond the quest.

What's it about?
Well, that's part of the gimmick. I'm not going to say, and you as the player will be completely in the dark as to what may happen when the quest starts.  You'll find out soon enough once it starts, but I want both player and character to react to the unknown.

OK, sounds interesting...I think...tell me more.
The quest will be open to and intended for all levels, all alignments, all faiths...everyone.  That right there should strike fear into your hearts, but if it doesn't, I'll add the chance of physical and emotional trauma (hopefully only to the character), sudden character death, lasting (possibly permanent) character-affecting changes, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes and night sweats.  Then again, none of this may happen. It will strongly depend upon the actions you take. So yes, this means that the Calem Rule is firmly in effect. There may also be a chance of a reward of some sort. I've not yet worked that out, but as with the quest, it is likely to be somewhat the product of what occurs.  I will say with some certainty that it will not be a bash-fest.

For those who are not aware, the Calem Rule is best summarized as: [/SIZE]
No level requirement. Act stupid and face the consequences.[SIZE=13]

As I said, it's intended to be a one-shot quest. As such, there will effectively be a time limit.  Standing around and discussing options and things for two hours will likely cause a fail and you probably don't want that at all.

Sounds kind of gloomy.  What's the up-side?
It probably goes without saying, but this will be an RP-heavy quest, so everyone will be on somewhat equal footing. It'll be a chance to be seen and counted, even if your character usually gets marginalized by the BEITR (Biggest Epic In The Room).  "How can this be?" you might ask? I'm not telling *GM grin*. It's part of the concept.  The whole point of this though is to be something different, hopefully interesting and definitely challenging. I understand that this is not the style of quest that everyone likes, and that's fine. It's also why I am sort of "fishing" at the moment.

OK...probably against my better judgment, but I'm interested.  What do I need to do?
For now, I'm looking for interest.  And by "interest" I mean you are looking for the experience, not just the XP.  I want to know who's seriously interested in this and who is accepting of the possible consequences. I don't want to just put up a calendar event and have people RSVP just for the chance of a quest. As players, I want you informed that things could potentially go very badly so that it is no surprise to you if it does. I want you as players to understand that there is a chance for your characters to be tormented and pushed to the edge of belief, morals and/or ability.

I'm sure the question on the minds of many is, "what if I lose a Soul Strand?"  Well, the standard statements apply there. If I screw up, you'll get it back. If you, for example, jump unprotected into a deep pit filled with hungry, angry, hasted dire tigers, you're not going to get it back. Pretty simple really.

So for now, I'm not asking for anything binding. simply a statement of interest and any questions you may have.  If you are interested, please post below.

[SIZE=13]My timeframe for this is likely some time in the next month or two, depending on how things work out.[/SIZE][SIZE=13]
Because I think this will be pretty involved for both player and GM alike, I will only be accepting a group of 8 characters maximum. If there are more than 8 interested, I will likely choose the "lucky" ones at random.

DISCLAIMER and notice
While it will not be my intent, a situation may arise that will bring forth a moral dilemma or some other controversial topic and/or decision that will strike a nerve with a player. The last thing I want to do is to make any player uncomfortable to the point where the enjoyment is lost. Likewise, I don't want anyone leaving this in shock or anger at something I've done.  

So if such a situation arises where you, as a player, become uncomfortable, feel threatened or develop some other strong, personal and negative emotion, just let me know right away.

Why am I saying this now? Because I don't plan on doing my usual pre-quest appearance to go over the rules and situation. I'm aiming for as complete of an immersion from beginning to end as I possibly can.

Messages to the DM channel and tells to me of course are welcomed and encouraged. Open-channel OOC chatter is strongly discouraged, but that's my norm, and nothing specific to this quest in particular.

So in summary...
  • [SIZE=13]RP-heavy, nearly or completely bash-less[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]Possibility of strong consequences, lasting if not permanent character changes, emotional scarring (think PTSD in some shape or form), and other nastiness[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]Events are intended to be challenging and playing to a character's traits and abilities to a large degree[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]Everyone will have a chance to contribute
  • [/SIZE][/FONT]
  • [SIZE=13]All levels[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]All classes[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]All alignments[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]All faiths (and the faithless too)
  • [/SIZE][/FONT]
  • [SIZE=13]Chance of character death, dependent on player actions[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]Calem Rule in effect[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=13]Strictly enforced maximum of 8 characters[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13]Sound like your sort of thing?  Let me know![/SIZE]
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Rumour Has It / In Memorandum: Hedessa Tanario and Benjamin Poetr
« on: June 07, 2010, 01:56:27 pm »
For the Angel's Guild.  Made public at the suggestions of Daniel Benjamin Poetr.

Written by Andrew Reid for and with consultation from Hedessa Tanario.  This was to have been produced at the Angel's celebration.  With Hedessa's passing, it is dedicated to her, and Ben, and the rest of the Angels.

Angel's Guild Members (in order of appearance):

Andrew - Narrator
Alazira -- Self
Layl -- Self
Alatriel -- Self
Kyle -- Self
Ferrit -- Self
Kyle -- Playing Ben
Ben -- Playing Hedessa
Alatriel -- Playing Ferrit
Amgine -- Playing Layl
Layl -- Playing Elohanna
Ferrit -- Playing Jako

Customers (in order of appearance):

Hedessa -- Tailoring Customer
Daniel -- Instrument Customer
Alazira -- Infusing Customer
Elohanna -- Scribing Customer
Tod -- Metals Customer

Narrator: Behind the scenes at the Angel Guild Play...

Alazira: So now what do we do.

Layl: I don't know. He's always late. ALWAYS.

Alatriel: We could dress Kyle up. You humans all look alike anyway.

Alazira: I like it. *looks at Kyle*

Layl: Fine, dress Kyle up. *looks at Kyle*

Alatriel: *looks at Kyle*

Kyle: No. No way. Not going to happen...

Alatriel: Why the hells not?

Kyle: His pants always chafe!

Alatrial: *looks at Kyle, blinking*

Alzira: *looks at Kyle, blinking*

Layl: *looks at Kyle, blinking*

Kyle: *blushes*

Ferrit: Shh! Just put on the clothes or I'll make you play Essa.

Kyle: Yes dear.

Narrator: The scene opens in the new shop. Ben is tidying the counter top.

Kyle: *in Ben's too-tight pants and shirt* Well, here we are, in the new shop, ready for business. *polishes the counter with a crooked grin, glancing at the front door from time to time*

Kyle: Yup. The place looks great. Anytime now. *continues to polish*

Narrator: Time passes...

Kyle: Blast. We need a hook. HEDESSA!

Ben: *sashays out, swaying his hips* Yes, Benji? *twirls a lock of his hair*

Kyle: Can you go out and drum up someone business? You know, use your *finger quotes* people skills? *goes back to polishing the countertop and fussing with the inventory chests*

Ben: *bats his eyes and in a husky voice* Of course, handsome. *sashays outside the shop, then swiftly tacks up a sign that says "FREE BEER INSIDE".* All done!

Kyle: Um...*watches "Essa" sway past with some concern*

Hedessa: *takes a look at the sign* Oh, free beer! *walks inside*

Kyle: *gruffly* Hey, lady. Welcome to the Angels Guild Adventurer Outfitters, how can I help you?

Hedessa: Dwarven Stout, please. In a frosted glass. A BIG frosted glass!

Kyle: This is the Angels Guild, not a bar.

Hedessa: But the sign said --

Kyle: What sign? This isn't a bar!

Hedessa: *patiently* The one outside, with FREE BEER in big block letters?

Kyle: ESSA!

Ben: *high pitched giggle from the back room*

Hedessa: So, no beer?

Kyle: *sighs* No ma'am.

Hedessa: And you do what, here, again?

Kyle: We are the Angels Guild Adventurer Outfitters -- we outfit all your advent...

Hedessa: *waves an impatient hand* Yes, Yes. I could use a new dress then.

Kyle: That we can help you with. FERRIT!

Alatrial: *sneaks up behind Ben, appearing suddenly* Yes?

Kyle: AGH! Don't DO that!

Alatrial: *smiles*

Kyle: The lady wants a new dress.

Alatrial: Of course. This way. *they exit to back room*

Kyle: *moves to take down the beer sign*

Daniel: *walks in* Ah, my good man! A mug of beer and quickly, I'm parched!

Kyle: We're not a bar. This is the Adventure Outfitters --

Daniel: But the sign --

Kyle: *grits his teeth through his crooked grin* We are a crafting guild. Ignore the sign. Please.

Daniel: Ah. Pity.

Kyle: Is there something else I can help you with?

Daniel: A glass of Black Hills Chablis, perhaps?

Kyle: *forces his crooked grin* We're not a bar...

Daniel: you make guitars?

Kyle: *turns abruptly and bellows* LAYL!

Amgine: *bounces out with a wink* Yes, Ben?

Kyle: The man wants an instrument.

Amgine: Oh, fun! Come on sugar, let's get you strung up...

Daniel: I like the sound of that! *winks at the audience and goes into the back room with Amgine*

Kyle: *moves to take down the sign again*

Alazira: *strides in* A dwarven stout, and make it snappy!

Kyle: *smacks his forehead* We are not a bar. This is the Angels Guild, Adventure -

Alazira: Tower Malt?

Kyle: Not. A. Bar.

Alazira: Silver Buckle Gin, then! *bright smile*

Kyle: We are NOT A BAR. I don't serve alcohol here! No beer! *getting upset*

Alazira: No beer?

Kyle: No beer.

Alazira: I'll just have some Xeenite wine then.

Kyle: BLAST IT! *begins to babble to himself*

Alazira: And a raise dead scroll.

Kyle: *pivots and bellows* ELLY!

Layl: *moves out with gentle grace* Yes, Ben?

Kyle: The lady wants a raise dead scroll.

Layl: *a sunny smile* That will take a little while...would you care for a glass of wine while you wait?

Alazira: *shoots a smug look at "Ben"* Don't mind if I do! *follows "Elly" into the back room*

Kyle: *moves to take down the sign yet again*

Elohanna: *barges in, all hustle* Hey, hello, wow, it's hot out there.

Kyle: Yes it is. *moves toward door*

Elohanna: Hey, hey, my beer?

Kyle: No beer. Adventuring gear. We outfit Adventurers. WE. DO. NOT. SERVE. BEER.

Elohanna: Ohh. How about a wand then? I can stir my beer with it!

Kyle: *bellows* ESSA!

Ben: *sways out* Yes, Benji?

Kyle: *glares at her* A rod for the lady.

Ben: Isn't that your job, sugar? *giggles and takes Elly into the back room*

Kyle: *dives for the door, and trips over Tod*

Tod: Ah, excuse me, I'd like a --

Kyle: WE HAVE NO FREE BEER! NO STOUT, NO ALE, NO BEER! Nothing but adventuring gear! No liquor! No wine! No booze of any kind! WE'RE THE ANGELS GUILD! NOT A BAR! *panting, face red*

Tod: Um. I wanted some armor?

Kyle: *standing, embarassed* Oh, well, then. JAKO!

Ferrit: *comes out silent, and waits*

Tod: Here, it's all on this order. *hands over a piece of paper*

Ferrit: *takes the paper and starts to leave*

Tod: Oh, and a short sword! *hands over a piece of paper*

Kyle: JAKO!

Ferrit: *returns and takes the paper, then turns to leave*

Tod: Oh, oh! And I have some platinum that needs smelting to ingots! *hands over a clearly heavy box*

Kyle: JAKO!

Ferrit: *returns and takes the box, turns, then hesitates*

Tod: Let's see...*pats his vest, then shakes his head*

Ferrit: *hesitates one moment more, then starts to leave*

Tod: Oh! *snaps his fingers and pulls another scrap from a vest pocket* And some good healing potions --

Kyle: JAKO!

Ferrit: *turns around again, fists full of paper and box under his arm, and walks, very slowly and deliberately back to Kyle. Reaches out slowly, takes the paper from his hand in a quick snapping motion, returns his hand slowly, tucks the paper with the others, then waits, drumming his fingers*

Tod: That's all! *bright smile*

Ferrit: *waits, fingers drumming*

Tod: Really. That's all.

Ferrit: *eyes him suspiciously for a moment*

Tod: *another bright smile*

Ferrit: *turns to leave*

Tod: Oh, wait -- what's this? *takes out a piece of paper*

Ferrit: *turns ever so slowly*

Tod: Ah, just an old grocery list. Don't suppose you can help a fellow with apples and cheese, can you? *smiles*

Ferrit: *rolls his eyes, turns on one heel and marches out*

Kyle: We'll get it done. Oh -- would you take down that sign by the door on your way out?

Tod: Be happy to! *leaves, grabbing the sign as he goes, then walks back in* Hey -- says here free beer? *takes out a mug and slaps it on the counter*

Kyle: *begins to weep*

*curtain close*

Narrator: Just another day of business at the Angels Guild, Adventure Outfitters...
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